Thursday, August 16, 2007

I suck at yoga …

but the lovely and stick-thin Patricia Walden assures me that with practice, practice, practice I will, one day, be able to do this:

Yeah, right.

I will, however, maintain a positive mental attitude about it and maybe schedule some plastic surgery in the meantime. My lovely lady lumps get in the way when I do forward bends; if I got rid of them I could certainly bend better and I'd probably lose a few pounds, too!

Hmmmm. Gives weight-loss surgery a whole new meaning, doesn't it? Heh.

Every yoga class I've experienced, whether in person or on DVD, has been led by flat-chested women with six-pack abs. They have no idea what we lumpy Rubenesque women go through when instructed to 'gently lean forward and wrap your hands around your toes.'

I was more body-conscious yesterday, more aware of how I moved and carried myself. That's what I love about yoga. Even practicing sucky poses, I get the benefit of better posture and more graceful carriage.

Moving on … it appears that Mr. Shrinking Knitter has found a home for the stray dog, who has certainly made herself at home here in the Middle of Nowhere. One of his co-workers has agreed to adopt her. We're keeping her this weekend and then Monday she gets to meet her new family.

Today's run is a five-mile speed drill – run like hell for two miles with a half-mile recovery jog after each. Plus warm-up and cooldown miles. I'm still at the "I can barely jog a continuous mile" stage of training, so I'm not promising anything, to you or to myself. I'll be happy to do five miles and still breathe somewhat normally.


ws said...

the hatred for speedwork seems universal. If I could do 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile intervals I might not be so bitter towards them, but full mile intervals are just grueling. hope your run went well.

Shauna said...

lady lumps! mwahaha :)

debbi i wish i could take you to my yoga class... my teacher has lady lumps AND a belly and she can bend like nobody's business. every week when i am completely hopeless at every move she just encourages me to keep going and i start to think maybe yoga IS for mortals too :)

hope the run goes okay today!

Mary Gee said...

As a statuesque person with double D "lady lumps" I think I am going to skip yoga. Thanks for your research!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear about your training. My neighbors, sometimes running partners and one time marathoners- tried to get me to train for a marathon. I wasn't brave enough.
Thanks for the great bloggin!!

M@rla said...

I've heard of yoga specifically for plus-sized people, and I can see why that would be important!