Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer's winding down …

but you wouldn't be able to tell it from the still-lingering heat and humidity. I was reduced to a puddle of sweat yesterday when I finished running seven miles. I started too late, of course; it was nearly noon when I finished. The only parts of my shirt that weren't soaked through were the lower edges.

However, I've been noticing the falling leaves and changing colors. Our dogwoods have lots of red leaves on them now, and the distant mountains are gradually becoming more colorful.

I announced to Mr. Shrinking Knitter that I would never register for a fall race again. EVER! Training in late summer is brutal and hard and makes me feel like a failure nearly every time I go out. This is not at all how I felt preparing for my first half-marathon last spring.

For Lori, who asked about Roanoke NoSo, I've gone every year except two, I think. This is the 10th year it's been going on. I like this knitting get-together because it's small – attendance is limited to 100. In addition to donating an item for charity, attendees are encouraged [but not required] to donate leftover yarn for the inmates at Alderson to use for their charity knitting and crocheting. My car is always packed to the rooftop with bags and bags of otherwise unused stash, and the women at Alderson are so grateful!

They make and donate sweaters, hats, mittens and scarves to needy Appalachian school children, and blankets to nursing-home residents in the area. There are no funds for this project; they depend entirely on donations from the public, and the public has always come through with enough supplies to help about 60 children every Christmas. It's a win-win-win situation.

I started my charity donation last night and have made really good progress, especially considering it's an Aran design. I'd printed it out from this site ages ago, but have never made it. Worsted-weight yarn and size 8 needles mean fast knitting, whether it has lots of cables or not!

The site has tons o' free craft patterns and registration is free. If you're a member, the pattern I'm using is the Sweetheart Sweater Set in the Children's Clothing category.

The astute among you may have noticed a new link in the sidebar. I've started a food log blog – I thought it would drive readers away if I started adding my daily menu to this one. But if you're interested my calories in/calories out, click on the "my food log" link. And after you analyze the data, please tell me why I'm not losing any weight! Heh.


Laura N said...

7 miles, woohoo! You rock woman.

Yay, fall. Bring it on. Nowhere near fall like here-- maybe we'll hit highs of mid-80s by Friday.

Lori said...

It's been really humid for both of us; it's hard to imagine you running in this weather. But you did! I'm so proud of you for doing that.

I am looking forward to fall in a way but in another way not; it will mean winter's on its way too.

ws said...

I can't even imagine finishing run at noon - but I'm also OK with the summer training for a fall race, so apparently I'm on the wrong side of sanity.

I'll take a look at the food log, if I logged all my food online I think people would expect me to weigh in the neighborhood of about 250-300 pounds...