Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Quote Day

I suck at speed drills, too.
~ Shrinking Knitter

No, no, here's a real quote to contemplate today:

Our greatest glory
is not in never failing,
but in rising
every time we fall.
~ Confucious

It was hot and humid again yesterday, so I attempted the prescribed speed drill on the dreadmill. How'd that work for me?

Not so much.

Did a one-mile warm-up at a brisk walking pace, ran flat out [for me – about 5.3 mph] for half a mile and had to back the speed down to a walk again. I quit after two miles and logged it as an easy run instead of a speed workout.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't like speed drills, and I'm also thinking maybejustmaybe my expectations for myself are pretty high this early in the program. I know I have to push myself, but I'm not interested in getting hurt or in making the whole experience something to dread.

I want it to be fun, dammit – fun!

Food was good yesterday. I know I don't mention food or weight much any more and here's why. Most of the time I eat according to plan, which means keeping calories below 1400 and keeping a 30-50-20 ratio of protein-carbs-fat. Or thereabouts. Carbs are of the whole-grain, fruit and vegetable variety, protein is lean [when's the last time you had a well-marbled ribeye?] and fat is olive oil. I occasionally plunge into a bag of Goldfish Pretzels, but that's not a daily thing and who doesn't occasionally have a bad day?

Since I'm Doing the Right Food Thing most of the time and running and strength-training and now yoga-ing and still staying the same weight, it's just downright frustrating to talk about it. Or, rather, write about it.

So I don't. And I try not to think about it, either, although it's nearly impossible not to. When the majority of your thoughts since you were about 11 have been focused on getting thinner, when your nightly prayer is 'please, God, let me wake up skinny,' well – it's hard to turn those thoughts off.

God's not going to make me skinny. No one is, as a matter of fact, because I'm never going to be skinny; that's just not my body type. I can be healthy, though. And there's lots of room to be healthIER.

If I could only figure out what else I need to do.

I've been closely following M@rla's daily intake/output report. She's not weighing herself; she's just predicting – based on the eat less/move more theory – what she should lose. I think she's going to step on the scale after four weeks of the experiment – is that right, Miss M?

The discipline she's employing is inspiring. The only way I could not weigh myself every day is to toss the scale. The courage in putting it all out there is inspiring, as well.

Like Confucious said, sorta, what it takes is getting back up when we fall.

I think we're all doing pretty well with that.


jodi said...

i like what you said because it is so true for me as well... i wasn't built to be 120 pounds so i'm going to make the best of what i WAS given instead... thanks for putting it in words... :o)

Mary Gee said...

Just want you to know that as I sit here and consume an entire bag of licorice all sorts, I admire your ability to stick to a food plan.

Jennifer said...

I'm not "suggesting" it for weight loss (Lord knows you have forgotten more about weight loss than I ever knew) but I was curious whether you actively gain weight if you eat more than 1400 calories a day? Or do you just stay the same?

It's interesting (or I'm sure, to you, "frustrating" is much more accurate) how different people's bodies process food.

Anonymous said...

You're doing such a great job. I too had such a time where I was working so hard, and watching what I was eating and it just seemed to not come off anymore. I went to see a sports injury guy because I hurt my shoulder. The physical therapist said I was working to hard, and not letting my body recover. I took two weeks off the running and weight training, then slowly eased back into it. I lost 5 pounds. I'm still not up to my 5 miles a day I was at before the cool down. But hey, I'm not stressing anymore about the progress, but enjoying the journey!!!
Keep up the good work, and remember how much you love it (you do right?)