Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Okay, okay! I'll be your guinea pig!

It appears that some of you are more than happy to cheer me on as I explore yoga as a method of increasing stride length. Don't know where that idea comes from? Do the math:

Yoga = Increased Flexibility = Longer Stride

So I'll start today, even though it's absolutely the Most Perfect Morning for Running since, oh, maybe, June. Right now it's 53° F. Humidity is 88%, according to, but hey – 53°!

Here's what yesterday looked like:
Gotta love cooler temps! And I must say that yesterday's run was easier, more comfortable and more satisfying than any since oh, maybe, June.

But not much faster. Ahem.

I know that running every day, even if some of those days are short-and-easy runs, isn't a good idea. Too much risk of injury, too little recovery time, too likely the ol' bod will get used to it and quit burning calories – which, of course, has already happened. [I've stayed the same weight, regardless of intake or output, for six weeks. 'Nuff said about that.]

So Wednesdays will be Yoga Day here in the Middle of Nowhere. I have four DVDs – three yoga and one New York City Ballet, which is more Pilates-like – which I will load into the DVD player, and I'll do a different routine each week.

I must learn to like this as much as I like running, though, or I'll feel like Wednesdays are Punishment Day.

Knowing that increased flexibility should, theoretically, lead to a slightly faster running pace should keep me motivated about doing yoga.

I'll keep you posted. Namaste.


Charity said...

I've done a 20 minute yoga routine before a run on the treadmill and the run was SO much easier! Good luck!

Lori said...

They offered yoga classes here at work and it was hard for me. I could hear my knees creaking very loudly all the time.

I know Alicia liked the Just My Size Yoga DVD.

(BTW, the word verification for me had the word JOG in it. How appropriate is that?)

ws said...

that weather is dreamy. perhaps if you find an owner for the dog I can come live in the crate on the front porch!

good luck with yoga. I do some downward dog to stretch myself and to release upper body tension sometimes, but since the toe has been bothering me I try to avoid placing too much pressure on it.

back in 2002 when I ran on a treadmill at a gym I would sometimes hit a yoga class afterwards. always amused the instructor that I could jog but couldn't stretch.

Laura N said...

Cool! You should track your progress and write an article for a fitness magazine--seriously!