Thursday, July 26, 2007

Too much

Too much rain, too much sloth, too much food, too much sleep, too much apathy. That pretty much describes my little world this morning. I amaze myself with my ups and downs, physical and emotional. The emotional this time is pretty dramatic, even for me.

So that study I mentioned yesterday has hit the blog-o-sphere bigtime! My favorite comment was one I found over at BFD, wondering how anorexic friends could be better than obese ones. Calista? … Calista? … Calista?

I guess everyone who has a weight-loss blog ought to give it up; all our virtual friends have elevated BMIs and look where it gets us.

I wasn't surprised to see the story covered on the national news last night, complete with headless, portly body shots. The photographer who gets that assignment must think it's a piece of cake. Heh. C'mon! Where's the challenge? How about a perp walk once in a while?

Okay, back to my too-lazy day yesterday. It was raining when I left the house, raining when I got to the barn, raining when I fed the horses, raining when I refilled the water trough, raining when I picked fresh green beans from the owner's garden [with her permission], raining when I got my oil changed and raining when I got back home. It rained almost all day, while I either napped, ate, knit, read or watched television.

I'm sure you've noticed that I didn't report it was raining while I ran. That's because I didn't run. I napped, ate, knit, ate, read, ate and watched television. And ate some more. It truly was a bingey day here in the Middle of Nowhere, and when I woke up at the-darkest-before-the-dawn o'clock, I was sick about it.

Not running for two days has probably killed the last dozen endorphins I had left. Do they regenerate, like the liver?

The one positive note du jour was that I lifted weights, a complete pyramid routine, and actually worked up a sweat doing it.

It's always good to remember the positives.

Today's forecast? Um, rain.

Today's workout schedule? Speedwork. 2x1600s at 11:04 with 800 recovery jogs, plus warm-up and cool-down miles.

I think I have a date with the treadmill.

Thank goodness I have that option.


Lori said...

I read more about that study and I thought (it's still early in the a.m. for me) that they used the Farmington Study group statistics.

I don't know if there's any way to determine, say, what happens if a skinny person made a new friend who was obese. Would the skinny one become fatter? What would make this occur? A formerly skinny person meets someone, has kids at the same time with her obese friend, doesn't exercise anymore, etc. etc. -- is it the obese person's fault? I don't think so.

If you read Mindless Eating, the writer talks about how when people get together, you should sit with the slowest eater to pace yourself. They studies people eating and if you sit next to a fast eater, you subconsciously eat more to keep up with him/her.

One of the authors or someone wrote and said that perhaps one of the reasons was when you're friends with an obese person, you're more accepting of what size is "normal" and being overweight doesn't seem that unusual to you. (Now that I type this, I realize that in a way, he's saying we should all be appalled by our fat friends and run for the hills to avoid being seen in public with them.)

I think there's some truth to the study. Obviously NEJM thinks so too or they wouldn't have published it. OTOH, blaming the obese is stupid. Who knew we had such powers -- to suddenly stulify our friends into giving up exercise, eating more, and sitting around eating bon-bons. I'm going to be BFF with G. W. Bush right away so I can work my magic on him!

(If this was true, why didn't all the women on The View gain weight when Rosie joined them?)

Sorry you're having a sluggish day. We have the rain too and I skipped the gym on Monday & Tuesday. Maybe we're in the dog days of summer and someone forgot to tell us.

ws said...

and here I was thinking I could mature out of my emotional rollercoaster... Imagine that, a medical journal recommending we all go out and find anorexic buddies. I have some super skinny male friends, but they are all addicts - forget the boys and girls club, let's start an Anorexic & Addicts club. That would be a positive place for kids.

Your lazy days sounds dreamy and relaxing which is nice once in a while. Endorphins apparently regenerate naturally, though I've lost mine somewhere - runners high is hard to come by lately.

Good luck on your speedwork today. I hope it goes better than mine.

Velvet VaVoom said...

I'm a big fan of indoor workouts. I set up an oscillating fan in the basement and I have a treadmill, a speedbag (for when I actually want to punch something) and a TV with a small DVD player and my stack of workout DVDs.

AND I think that study is just more anti-fat propaganda -- as a joke I emailed it to all my skinny friends and in the subject line I wrote, "You b**ches better steer clear!"

I bet you'll get your endorphins back the second you put on your sneakers.

Mary Christine said...

Okay. I think we gravitate to like minded people, long before we start having problems. Like how I managed to chose alcoholic friends as a child... long before any of us picked up a drink... we still had the behavior.

My humble opinion. Probably worth what you paid for it.