Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Changing my weigh-in day

So. Nobody wants to take a tapeworm pill with their breakfast, eh?

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a Weight Watcher leader. ["Hi, I'm Debbi and I've lost 32 pounds on the Weight Watcher program and I've kept it off for two years!" ::Wild applause::] Tapeworm stories were tossed like lettuce at training meetings, but I never met anyone who had met one up close and personal.

I weigh myself every time I walk past the bathroom scale – kidding! – but record my "official" weight on Tuesdays. I do scale hop a lot, though, and all week long I've shown a two-pound loss from last Tuesday. Until this morning. Which shows no loss. I'm feeling so good about not eating sugar and drinking lots o' water and exercising regularly [six days out of the last seven!] right now that it would be Just. Plain. Demoralizing. to record yet another "stayed the same." So I'm going to make Friday my official weigh day from now until the next time something demoralizing happens, when you can be sure I will shift things around again.

The only reason I can think of for today's news is that yesterday was a pretty salty day. In fact, I felt so bloated and uncomfortable leaving my drawing class at the prison last night that I could barely walk. Lovely mind picture, isn't it? I don't think I've ever experienced a salt reaction like that before.

I usually don't eat canned foods, but canned beans [unrinsed – never again will I neglect that step!] were on the menu last night and I believe I've paid more than enough for that transgression.

I have another horse-feeding gig this week and next. Mornings only, which is good. It gets me off the computer in a timely manner and the horses live near one of my running routes, so I can hit the road as soon as I finish feeding, before it gets too hot and humid to make excuses.

Yesterday was the first day of 16 training weeks; I lifted weights and did a rowing machine session, since Mondays are rest-from-running days. I will run 348 miles in the next four months. If I headed west from Cleveland, I'd end up in Chicago.


M@rla said...

Salt always gives me a couple extra pounds--at least. And of course I always end up eating salt right before a weigh-in.

mehitabel said...

Salt and sugar are both enemies of weight loss. And of course they are hidden in so many foods that they are difficult to avoid! At least you can identify the culprit, this time. Your mileage numbers make me tired, just thinking about running that far! Good for you!!

ws said...

I hope run #1 went well - that probably means you have about 4 less miles to do before the race...

Mary Christine said...

Isn't it amazing to think of where we could get to if we were actually running somewhere?

miss petite america said...

haha! that's awesome that you know how far you'd travel based on your training miles!!! i've never thought of it that way!