Friday, July 06, 2007

Catch. Up.

Didja miss me? Heh. I sure missed you!

Another Fourth of July has come and gone, in which I spent the majority of my time preparing food. That's totally my choice – Mr. Shrinking Knitter's family would be happy eating in restaurants or eating meals that started from packages, rather than scratch. But I love entertaining and don't get the opportunity very often so I tend to wallow in it when I can. And they're very appreciative and complimentary, and who doesn't like to be complimented and appreciated? A win-win, I say!

The wife of the family has been doing C25K and was happy to go out and run with me in the mornings. Her normal running time is early evening, so it was quite different for her, and a little more challenging, just being out of her routine. Having another person along was good for me. I liked the sociability of having a running partner, but she was fine with our having different paces. She's much taller than I, but I was a little faster than she was, much to my surprise.

So, lots of fishing, target shooting, running, eating and fireworks around here this week, but not much computering.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter was feeling a letdown after everyone left yesterday morning. On a whim, I went to Fandango to see if Sicko might have opened nearby. Success! Two hours later we were at the Grandin Theatre, where we finally got to see the film.

Let me add my voice to the long list of those urging you to see it. Please don't wait for the DVD. Because my husband and I have been working with PNHP for several years, we knew many of the facts of the health care issue. But seeing the facts up close and personal and learning the backstory behind the creation of our health care system was shocking. How could we have let this happen?

Since it's Friday Quote Day [but I'm all out of whack because of the holiday], I'm going to leave you today with my favorite Sicko quote:

If you can find money to kill people,
you can find money to help people.
~ Tony Benn


ws said...

welcome back. taller isn't always better with running then, I guess. though I wouldn't complain if I woke up one more 3-4 inches taller.

The quote you included is pretty similar to Bono's sentiment from God Part II - "The rich stay healthy, the sick stay poor." I'm not a fan of Michael Moore, though I have enjoyed his other movies, so perhaps I'll go see Sicko this weekend.

(I'm embarassed to admit) I've been watching Shaq's show on ABC with the overweight kids and he made a similar comment that if the government can spend money on war they can spend money on phys ed in schools. In the long term, if money isn't spent to keep kids healthy then the health care system will be even more overwhelmed 30 years from now.

mehitabel said...

My daughter and I have been watching Shaq's show too, and it's been quite a wakeup call for us. She has a (very overweight) coworker with an obese son, and has encouraged this woman to make some changes in the boy's life. PE in schools seems like a no-brainer, but it's not mandated so it's easier to cut.
We'll be seeing Sicko soon and I for one am grateful to MM for shining his spotlight on the problem. Now if it will just get some results.