Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Salt 'n' Pepa

The title of today's post is an allusion to my sodium, um, issues, but it's really a hair post.

First, I discovered I could track lots of nutritional elements – way more than just protein, carbs and fats – with my CalorieKing software. My sodium levels the past two days have approached 5000mg. No wonder the scale is being cranky! I'm not sure why I stuffed my face with more salty stuff yesterday. I'm not really following menu plans, but trying to eat what I want [still sugar-free!] only when I'm hungry. So why do I want salt? I really need to get a handle on this one because I don't like feeling like this and I don't like the scale feedback.

The other day Mr. Shrinking Knitter pointed out that my hair was definitely getting grey. Imagine that! I'm 56 and a grandmother of three and I have a few grey hairs! But I got a haircut yesterday and even I noticed the glints of silver reflected from the mirror. And I wasn't even wearing my glasses. My hairdresser said I definitely had some salt in my pepper, and offered to do a "stain," which would blend it all together. [Is that what "Just for Men" does?]

I declined. It's enough of a chore to get a trim every five weeks; I don't care to spend any more time or money on hair maintenance. She was cool with that, and said not everyone wants or needs to be "chemically dependent." Heh.

I'm not doing very well transitioning from one topic to another lately. [How's that for a segue?] At our little wellness center, you can track your walking mileage and when you log 90 miles you get a
t-shirt that says "I walked to Charleston" on the front. Ninety more and they add "And back" on the back of it. So I guess that's where I got the idea to find two cities that are approximately 348 miles apart. The back of the atlas is a good resource.

I did four miles yesterday, as Wendy predicted, but split one into a walking warm-up and cooldown. The schedule said to do three at 13:24; I did my three at a 12-minute pace.

When I printed out my training schedule [from Runner's World], I said I wanted the intensity to be hard. But you also have to put in a race pace, and my race paces are pretty slow. The combination of slow pace/hard intensity appears to be 4.5 mph "easy" runs and 5.5 mph tempo runs. IF I want to improve my times, I think I'll have to work in some speed drills on my own. The most likely way I'll do that is the old bounding-up-a-hill trick, to lenghten my stride.

I won't be doing that soon, though. Still. Too. Hot. And. Humid.

Today is another rest day. Already! I'm getting ready to feed the horses, and will come back to lift weights and try for half an hour on the rowing machine. About the longest I've been able to go lately is 20 minutes. It's more a boredom factor than fatigue, though.

Hold on tight cuz tonight Salt and Pepa's gettin' swift."


Lori said...

Actually, even if you consciously avoid heavily salted foods, you still find salt in the oddest places. I believe I read that there's more sodium in a McD milkshake than there is in an order of fries.

A stain for your hair? That just sounds odd. I love your hairdresser's line about being chemically dependent. I had my hair dyed darker and it lasted for months and months but that's just me.

I really admire your persistence in running and weights; it would be so easy to let it go when the weather is hot and humid. Keep up the good work!

miss petite america said...

sodium is my best friend. i would probably give up everything else before i gave up sodium, including beer. i crave it soooooooooo much. luckily my blood pressure and all that is healthy, but i'm waiting for the day the doc takes away my saltlick.