Saturday, July 14, 2007

Look at me: Sugar-free!

Two days down.

The first time I went sugar-free, back in the early '90s, it was suggested [by a psychologist, a chiropractor and an Overeaters Anonymous sponsor] that I might feel overwhelmed and emotional, that I would probably cry for no reason and that these feelings would last about three weeks.

Sure enough, they did.

I'm not buying into that this time. I haven't been eating sugar on a regular basis – I'm not scarfing down Snickers bars on a daily basis, or whipping up gooey desserts for weeknight dinners – but I haven't been diligent about eliminating it when I can. And the Fourth of July was a complete carb-and-sugar fest. With a pork tenderloin thrown in.

No, I feel like I'm just getting back to what is normal and right and healthy for me.

My food yesterday was similar to Thursday's: tuna salad and a tomato for lunch; no afternoon snack [not hungry, too busy], and one of my favorite concoctions for dinner – pesto pasta with chicken sausage and vegetables.

I realized after dinner that I'd "carb-loaded" for this morning's four-mile race. Heh. Thanks, Wendy, for remembering it was today. It should be fun and low-key, and since I've never registered for and run a four-mile it'll be a PR no matter what my time is. The best part of being a novice runner is that every time I run a race, it's my best time for that distance.

Since registration starts at 7 and it's now 6:50 and I'm still in my jammies, I'd better scoot.

I realized after I posted yesterday that I had again forgotten it was Friday, when I usually put up a motivational quote. I'll get back to that next week, as it's been one of those helpful things I've been doing consistently for quite some time now. [Foolish] consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, but it's also a key element of living a healthy lifestyle. And not so foolish.


M@rla said...

Mmmmm, pork tenderloin....

I don't eat much sugar--very rarely, really. But I do find that when I have it, it makes me crave more. So it's easy to get into a bad cycle.

Annie said...

Sounds very healthy to me. Congrats and good luck with it.

Jess said...

I think I eat more sugar than I think. I mean, I don't eat much by way of candy or cake (even though I looooove cake -- I try to stear clear), but I'm sure that amongst the various refined foods I often graze upon, I am consuming more sugar than I imagine. It would be an interesting experiment to go sugar free and actually read labels and track it to see what I'm ingesting.

Mary Christine said...

Have a great race!

Sugar is the evil empire.

ws said...

mmmmm...sugar. I love pure sugar type snacks (i.e. Fun Dip, Pixie Sticks), but I try to avoid them at all costs...On the other hand, I feel like I carb-load everyday, but not at dinner time.

I thought the Jimmy Buffett lyrics were your Friday quote, silly me.