Saturday, July 28, 2007

Last chance

How do you Florida runners do it?

My intention yesterday was to run six easy miles in the morning. But I forgot that Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I had plans in the morning, meaning I would have to do the run in the afternoon. When it's hot. And humid. And maybe raining. Sounds a lot like the American southeast, doesn't it?

Well, it wasn't raining at 1:30, so I headed out with absolutely no intention of doing six miles. I was going to walk a half mile, run three at a very slow pace and walk the last half mile.

Let's just say I walked a lot and jogged a little. I was out there huffing, puffing and sweating for almost an hour – 59:45, to be precise. I left the stopwatch at the car, so total distance was probably 4.2. Sweat was dripping into my eyes the last mile, although I was wearing a sweatband.

I don't mind the slow pace so much – I always figure the longer I'm out there, the more calories I'm burning. Whether that's true or not I don't know, but I comfort myself by thinking it is. Heh.

So, Florida runners, I salute you! You do this every freaking day for months on end. Our hazy, hot, humid days of summer really only last two months. Winter? Also only two months. The rest of the year is wonderful for outdoor running.

Today is my last chance to pick up those three lost miles. Will she or won't she? She probably will.

Food has been good since the debacle that was this past Wednesday. Good enough to have lost another pound since I started counting again. Two down, a million to go. But who's counting? I'm debating about changing my eventual goal to make it five pounds more than I was able to maintain 10 years ago – that would be 140. Unfortunately 140 on 5'2" means my BMI is still in the overweight category. A goal of 135 just barely squeaks me into normal.

Considering that I've been at my current weight for several months now, thinking about being at a normal BMI is probably unrealistic. But I'm an optimist, and also tenacious and somewhat stubborn. Just ask my husband.

Stop by and wish Jonathan good luck in his first half-marathon, won't you? He's running the San Fran Half tomorrow, which will take him across the Golden Gate Bridge. How cool is that? Actually, considering it's San Francisco, it'll probably be pretty cool, indeed. And maybe foggy, too.

I'd love to send some of this rain out west ... here's what we're looking forward to for today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is the weekly long run, another seven miles. I pray those little lightning bolts will wait until later in the day, because I plan to be up and out of here early in the morning.

After tomorrow's run, I'll be heading out to visit my son, his wife and my new granddaughter for a few days. So this is advance warning of yet another blog break. I predict more of these breaks this year than last, since they live fairly close to me. It comes down to a decision between getting to know a new baby or stringing together X number of consecutive blog posts. Guess who wins?


GAMommy said...

Congrats on losing a pound!

Also, I hope you enjoy your grandbaby.

Lori said...

Listen, you're getting out there. You're trying every day so give yourself a break.

Maybe the Florida people use an indoor gym (like we have at mine) or they get up at 4 a.m. or go jogging at 1 a.m. It would be interesting to hear how they do it.

Have fun with the grandbaby and I think that's more important than a blog post. :-) See you when you get back!

mehitabel said...

Enjoy the grandbaby--"babies don't keep." You can still walk/run when you're there, and fill us in on the details when you get back. Now that I finally have a grandbaby within range I'm really enjoying it! You're doing evrything you can to make sure she has a healthy grandma for a long long time!

Mary Gee said...

Getting to know the grandbaby is way more important, but you knew that! And I think BMI is a bunch of hooey.

ws said...

I'm in total denial about the weather. When I wake up in my temperature controlled condo I tell myself it will be OK outside. I quickly realize I'm wrong, but by then I'm outdoors and sweating (doesn't take long), so I might as well continue. I find running in the rain, without lightning, relaxing.

Have a good visit with the new baby...

Isabelle said...

Babies every time.

You're at the stage of talking of "six easy miles" (wow) and still aren't losing weight? What hope is there for the walking plump like me, then?

Anne M. said...

Babies win every time - you have your priorities exactly in the right place.

I have enough trouble exercising outside in cool dry weather, so I salute YOU for getting out there and running. It's hot and sticky lots of places this year, not just Florida!

M@rla said...

My "goal" weight is 140, which is at least 20 pounds overweight according to the charts, and I DON'T CARE! The charts are INSANE. Especially the BMI.