Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Quote Day

To know the road ahead,
ask those coming back.

~ Chinese Proverb

In other words: Do What Works.

And how do we know what works? Based on our own or others' experiences, I think we all have a pretty good idea of what we need to do to get to the other side of the weight-loss/fitness mountain. It's not like we haven't ever had some success at it, at some time.

Layin' 'round the shanty probably won't get us there. Speaking for myself, of course. Heh.

The frustrating thing [one of them, anyway] is that what works now might – and probably won't – work in six months. Our bodies are incredibly adaptable. Damn it. They get better and better at efficiently using the fuel we provide, and they become accustomed to the amount and intensity of activity in which we engage.

The last time I lost a significant amount of weight I was 10 years younger than I am now. Maybe even 11. My late-middle-aged body isn't going to perform the way my younger one did, nor is it going to respond to food restriction and increased activity the way it did a decade ago.

I think, perhaps, I need to work on acceptance. I need to quit fighting so hard and I need to quit feeling like a failure.

That's not to say I need to give up lean protein and vegetables. There are too many positives associated with a healthy, active lifestyle to chuck it all and watch my ass spread like syrup on a waffle.

At 56, the only medication I take is a mild diuretic. My cholesterol is perfect, as is my blood pressure, resting heart rate and blood sugar. I can do just about any physical thing that needs to be done – lifting, moving, bending, stretching, reaching … running – without pain or discomfort.

Maybe I just need to redefine success. While I'd love to – and still hope to – see a normal BMI before I die, I must, must, must learn to be grateful for the progress I've made.


Yesterday turned out to be a pretty nice day after all. The thunderstorms didn't roll in until I was fast asleep, and it only sprinkled a couple of times during the day. I decided to do my speedwork outside, beginning with the warm-up mile, at the end of which I knew I wouldn't be able to run because I had to pee. Had to come back home – no public restrooms on country lanes – and decided to do the run/recovery work on the treadmill. That lasted less than a mile. Went back to the road and finished the drill outdoors. I wouldn't call it speedy – all in all I did 5.75 miles in 76 minutes – but I did it.

I think the reason I did it was because I promised myself I would report it here. I'm supposed to do three easy miles today and guess what? It's raining! Accompanied by thunder and lightning! I don't think it'll last all day, though. I'll find some time later to do three, and possibly six, miles. That'll bring my weekly mileage back to where it's supposed to be.


M@rla said...

Hey! "Layin' 'round the shanty" is my favorite method!

I feel you on the being grateful for what we have accomplished part. I don't want to use my age (46) as some sort of excuse, but sometimes I need to do a reality check and realize that my body isn't going to behave as it did at 26. I forget because I never had this degree of fitness at 26!

Re. peeing on the country lanes. Go for it! It's worse being 2 miles from your house in the middle of a neighborhood! Thank goodness for those smelly portajohns; I don't know what I'll do when construction is over...

mehitabel said...

Can you send some of your thunderstorms our way? We're dry as a bone and ready to start water rationing out here! How frustrating, though, to have to change your training runs to treadmill, when you really want to be outdoors! I am finding that, by 9 pm, it's usually cooled down enough so that I'm not ready to faint from the heat when we go for our walks--but I still can't go as far, as when it's not this blasted hot!

ws said...

I like the Friday quote...I too would like to be in the normal BMI range before I die.

hope you had a chance to make up those miles today and the weather cooperated.

PastaQueen said...

I like that quote. It makes me think of the times I've been stuck in traffic jams on the highway and I've wanted to stop the cars on the other side to see how far the freakin' back-up is.