Thursday, July 19, 2007

Surprise! A Thursday quote day!

We have been taught to believe
that negative equals realistic
and positive equals unrealistic.
Susan Jeffers

I'll be away from the computer for the next couple of days. So Thursday is the new Friday this week.

I think today's quote pretty much sums up where my head has been at lately.

Remember when I started training for the Country Music Half? And I learned that it's not likely you'll lose any weight while you're race-training? And how I was totally okay with that? Well, it's starting again, but this time I'm not okay AT ALL with it.

Since January I've gained nine pounds (14 since last fall). This is not acceptable! It's also not helpful when you're lumbering down a road at 12mph.

My intake has been fairly steady, between 1200 and 1400 calories per day. I'm exercising six days a week from 45 to 60 minutes each day.

The sodium count the last couple days was a real eye-opener, and I was able to slash that number in half yesterday.

The way I interpret today's quote is that not losing weight during training [negative] is something I should accept. Losing weight during training [positive] ain't gonna happen.

Just knowing that's the way it was before is making it easier for me to accept it now. And I'm not even one week into training! This is the lightest week of the schedule, fewer miles than what I've been doing on my own. There's no reason I have to accept the reality of not being able to shed pounds preparing for another half.

What I do have to do is be much more vigilant about food. My nutritional analysis says I'm not getting enough protein [only about 80gm/day] and I'm getting too much fat [slightly less than 60gm/day, which is more than I'd like]. Carbs have gone through the roof, but they're good carbs. Heh.

I want to break free of the commonly held theory that losing weight during training is not just hard, but impossible. This may be the beginning of Bloody Head Syndrome, and if you think it is I hope you'll keep your thoughts to yourself. I need cheerleaders! Bands! Pep squads!

And you do, too. Isn't that why we're all here, tap-tap-tapping away, sending these messages out into the world with the hope that someone on the other end will see it, read it, get it?

What negative belief have you accepted for your life? More importantly, what unrealistic expectation are you willing to turn upside down? Let's make it happen!

One more quote this morning:

I'm not worthy!
Mike Myers as Wayne in Wayne's World

Grumpy Chair left a comment for Wendy yesterday in which she said when she doesn't feel like working out she thinks of three people: Wendy, Laura and me.

I sooooooo don't deserve that, especially after yesterday. I did my pyramid weight routine, and also did some bench moves, but when I got on the rowing machine I only lasted six pathetic minutes. SIX! I think my arms were just so plumb tuckered out [that's Southern-speak] from the lifting that I couldn't pull that rope any longer. I even tried reducing the resistance to make it a little less challenging. No go.

Next rest day I'll have to break up my workout sessions – maybe do the weights early and the rowing later in the day. At any rate, thanks to GC for putting me in such good company, but I really don't qualify.


ws said...

I think (and this is only conjecture) that if you are running about 20-25 miles a week you can probably lose a little bit of weight (like maybe 2 pounds a month). And, if you have a time goal you want to reach, try to lose weight for the first 8 weeks of training and then train full-speed for the last 6 weeks.

Talk about carbs going through the roof - I'm trying to aim for 2800 calories a day (I never get there), but my ideal ratio is 10% fat, 70% carbs and 20% protein. Right now I'm averaging about 2500 calories a day with 40gm fat, 110 gm protein and 445 gm carbs. It's nauseting to type that, but apparently it works OK.

My unrealistic expectation - well, I have a few, but I'm holding out on them a little bit longer...

Grumpy Chair said...

Give me a D- E- B- B- I!!! What does it spell "Debbi!" In my book you are too, so worthy.

It sounds like you had a good arm workout yesterday and you brought your muscles to fatigue. You broke down the muscles and today you will give them a rest day.

"What negative belief have you accepted for your life? More importantly, what unrealistic expectation are you willing to turn upside down? Let's make it happen!"

What a great challenge you have "inspired" in all of us to do. I'm going to start thinking about it today! Thank you.

PastaQueen said...

There was a post on Skwigg's blog recently all about marathoners gaining or losing weight which had lots of interesting comments. It made me come to the conclusion that bodies are very complicated. The prevailing wisdom seemed to be that adding intervals of faster running or periods of harder work, like hills, helps with the weight loss.

Lori said...

You are way, way, worthy.

You're the Opposite of Little sugar added, good for you, and full of good things. :-)

It does sound like you are doing things right and yeah, that sodium's a real kick in the head. I'm going to try to get rid of the negative beliefs and try to turn some of my expectations upside down. (But don't tell my mom; she hates it when we're positive. LOL)

Have fun and take care!

Laura N said...

Oh woman, you are such an inspiration, you just don't know. I didn't even realize GC had included me with you and Wenster, and gosh now *I* feel so unworthy. I've only been at this 5 measly months. YOU have run a half marathon! You are running another half! YOU have kept off the vast majority of the weight you lost, and you WILL get the rest off when you and your body are ready. It's gonna be soon, I can feel it--it's just in the air!

Super duper job on the workouts and tracking your food and getting it inline. That's awesome.

miss petite america said...

i think our minds were in sync today. i wrote a post about my weight today as well.

and if it helps, for as many stories that i read about not losing weight during trianing, i read stories about people losing lots of weight.

so chica, WRITE YOUR OWN STORY!!! i'll be so happy to read it!

jeannie crockett said...

I'm thinking along the same lines as "Miss Petite America"---Debbi, what would have happened if you had read that you should expect to lose 10-15 pounds during training for a marathon.
I believe these expectations and the thoughts we have are more complex than we know. Why is it that some messages we sent to our inner selves get through loud and clear---and last a lifetime? And other thoughts don't?