Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am sooo glad it's morning!

What a horrible, restless night I've just had! Sometimes I wish I was hooked on Lunesta just so I wouldn't dream.


So in this long, rambling, neverending-until-I-woke-up dream, I'm either in high school or college, training with a track team. Hah! As if that ever happened. I watched track meets, but never participated. Fat girls weren't athletes. We were always in the art room.

But I digress.

The coach was a sociopath, but I, being the newest member of the team, didn't know. His disarming charm hid his true nature, which was to be cruel and unusual. Much like some of the prison guard staff I've met at Alderson.

There I go, digressing again.

And for some reason, this dream took place in a City. I went to high school and took a few college courses in a small town in southwestern Ohio, known for being the hog capital of the Buckeye State.

Okay. Fat girl, big city, track team, crazy coach. We're boarding a bus to go to an invitational meet in another town and I can't find my shoes. Or my camera. I spend what seems like days searching for these two items: The shoes are necessary for a good performance and the camera was a gift and is dear to my heart. [To make things even weirder, it's the Canon Digital Rebel my husband gave me for Christmas. Trust me: In the late '60s/early '70s, digital cameras would have been as sci-fi as personal jet propulsion modules.]

Finally someone clues me in that the coach has been known to 'borrow' team members' personal possessions in the past. I'm digging through a secret closet, looking for my treasures, when he shows up and demands to know what I'm doing. I surprise myself by confronting him. He confesses that he did, indeed, steal my shoes and camera and give them to the star of the boys' track team in exchange for a ride home.


And then I woke up. My shoes are still on the floor of the bedroom and my camera is right here beside me.

I hate dreams like that. I don't feel like I've slept at all; instead, I'm as tired and worn out as if I'd been searching for a pair of shoes all night.

I'm not even going to Google for an interpretation of this dream. Mostly because I don't have time. [But you can offer an opinion, if you like!] My horse-feeding gig is still going on this week and then I'm going to an all-day workshop on the topic of creativity and culture in West Virginia. Our mayor has a wonderful vision for this little corner of the Middle of Nowhere, and I'm happy to be involved.

I just wish I hadn't been up all night. Heh.

Lifted weights yesterday but didn't do any other cross-training or walking. I'm supposed to run three miles today. If I leave within 30 minutes, I think I can feed, run, shower and be at the conference before it starts at 10 a.m.

Film at eleven.


Jack Sprat said...


Sorry about the dream. I'm projecting here, but it sounds like it has "anxiety" written all over it. Being in a situation that feels uncomfortable, trying to solve things that are not within your control, learning that you've been deceived ... yikes! No wonder you woke up exhausted.

Here's hoping the day gets better from here on out!

PastaQueen said...

Once I had a dream that I'd gone to school. Then I woke up and had to go to school all over again. It pretty much sucked.

Grumpy Chair said...

Just for fun (read: I have no life, besides I usually just dream about tornadoes) I looked up some of the symbols from lots of different web sites:

School - major problem that you have realized.
College - your own considered opinion.

Run track - individual sport indicates a strong desire to improve yourself and your circumstance.

The sociopath male coach:
male = determined, stubborn and forceful.
coach - may be your self discipline.

A city - could represent other peoples opinions and their effect on you.

Boarding a bus - you are on the road to attaining your heart's desire.

Lost shoes and camera:
lost items - need to assess what the objects and loss thereof means to you.
shoes - your confidence and belief in yourself.
camera - proof of something.

searching in secret closet for items: you are missing or seeking something (duh) or concealing your feelings - hidden memories.

stolen items - being taken advantage of.

stealing: someone could be encroaching on your territory and perhaps take credit for something you accomplished.

The dream may not be a bad dream but more of an internal struggle; maybe you don't give yourself enough credit for all that you have accomplished - 1/2 marathon, weight loss, your art, the hours you volunteer, sobrietry, etc.

You will figure it out.

Laura N said...

Well, it kept you up but it certainly makes for entertaining blogging. Hope you got your run in. What a busy morning!

FatBlokeThin said...

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If you want to join in, please leave a comment or e-mail me. Thanks!


ws said...

Wait, isn't Lunesta supposed to fix your relationships with your dreams - i.e. talking chipmunks and honest Abe?

I try to forget my f-ed up dreams as soon as I wake up and I certainly don't try to figure them out. Just what I need - a dream interpretation that will just tell me I have more issues.

I hope you enjoyed your conference and fit in your run...

M@rla said...

Gaaah, I hate dreams like that. You're right, it's like not sleeping at all, might as well be real life. My best sleep aid is exhaustion.

Lori said...

Whenever I hear anything about gym, coaches, etc. I immediately think of what Woody Allen said.

"Those can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym."

Nuff said.

(Besides, isn't being a sociopathic coach a redundant term? At least from the 50s' to the early 80's?)

I hope last night was better in terms of sleep and dreams.