Monday, July 02, 2007

The new before

I'll definitely find a better place to take next month's picture. I just didn't have time to screw around with lighting and angles and lenses, oh my!

And I think I definitely looked better a year ago than I do now. The camera doesn't lie. Or maybe the camera I was using then did. The new one? Not so much.

Lots. Of. Work. To. Do.

Even though I no longer belong to eDiets, I still get some of their newsletters. In this morning's missal is this article highlighting the basics most fit people follow. Good advice and nothing we haven't heard before. But hearing and doing are two different things.

In a nutshell, here are the 10 tips [the ones most challenging for me are in purple]:
  • Sleep well and wake up naturally.
  • Get prepared.
  • Exercise in the morning.
  • Plan meals.
  • Rebound from setbacks.
  • Make lasting lifestyle and behavioral changes.
  • Separate the psychology of success from self-help snake oil.
  • Lose weight and keep it off.
  • Use positive self-talk.
  • Set and accomplish goals.
I'm still looking for the easy way out, but I'm doing a lot of things right. Keep. Moving. Forward.


PastaQueen said...

I can do #1 or #3, but not both because if I'm waking up naturally in the morning there is no time left to exercise before work. I kind of hate exercising while I'm still waking up anyway.

Grumpy Chair said...

You look great Debbi!

Nice runner legs.

Laura N said...

Ditto what GC said.

You are SO ready to kick some serious booty. It shows in your attitude and your actions will certainly follow.

Have a great week with your guests/family.

miss petite america said...

man that list is something i need to follow myself!

and i second gc, nice runner legs indeed.

Mary Christine said...

I could write books on how to lose weight - but I weigh way too much and can't seem to lose it. I know how.

mehitabel said...

Okay, that list is a wake-up call. I have to (blush) admit that I don't do a single one of those things. Since I don't work any more, I don't have that "forced" exercise; and the negative self-talk is really sabotaging me. I'm going to print out that list and tape it to my mirrors. Just to help me remember.

ws said...

You are far braver than I am just by taking the picture. I like the "wake up naturally" thing - I'd like to find the person that wakes up naturally at 4:45am. Hope you had a great 4th of July.

Anne M. said...

It's a good list, Debbi, and good to have pulled together in one place. I can't imagine actually DOING all of it, though. I'm with PQ - morning exercise doesn't equate with waking up naturally and I'm sleep-deprived as it is.

You look like you're ready to kick some serious ass.