Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm smitten

There's just something about a newborn …

I'd love to share her photo with you, but that's something I haven't done [with the other two grandchildren] and won't do with her. If my children want to plaster baby photos all over the internet, that's one thing, but I think it's their privilege, not mine.

That said, she's adorable! I bet you knew I'd say that. Heh. I was at the hospital six hours Saturday and five hours Sunday and she slept in my arms the whole time, unless she was feeding. Or pooping. That's how newborns roll: They sleep, eat and poop.

I was able to pick up some things my son and his wife needed while I was there. The baby was two weeks early and while they were ready, there were still a couple things to do. So I was somewhat useful, when I wasn't lounging around the hospital room watching her sleep.

I didn't knit a stitch, nor did I break a sweat. But I also didn't have much time to eat. Lack of food plus lack of exercise means I should be holding my own.

Not nearly as soul-satisfying as holding my granddaughter.


Grumpy Chair said...

Great photo.

Babies always seem to sleep better in grandmas' arms. I bet it is because "new mamas" or a little tense at first and babies can pick up on it. I know Fang Jr. and Grumpette always fell asleep in their MiMi's arms.

ws said...

new babies are far more satisfying than dieting.

Anne M. said...

You did the best thing possible :) Letting your children decide about posting baby pictures is very considerate. We know this one is beautiful even without a picture!