Monday, July 16, 2007

A couple of blasts from the past

First, thanks for your nice comments about Saturday's run. I think Mary Christine has the right idea: Go for the big races. The larger venues truly do have runners of every shape, size and speed. I hated being the fattest person on the course, and I hated knowing everyone was waiting for me and Mr. Geezer to cross the finish line so they could get on with announcing the results. It's not their fault that I was so slow, and I really was pleased with my time. I doubt I could have gone any faster.

I did my Sunday run on the hilly road I live on in about 52 minutes. At one point going up a hill I passed three Amish horse-and-buggies. I felt like Rocky at the Philly Art Museum. Of course, they smoked me going downhill!

A friend sent me some images of old ads, two of which are relevant for those of us who are busting lard. This first one, especially, falls into that category:

And the second is just appalling! I guess the FDA wasn't around when this product was being marketed:

Today is the first day of 16 weeks of training for the City of Oaks Half-Marathon. Mondays are rest days … woo hoo! Heh. I'm going to lift weights and do 30 minutes on the rowing machine, because rest days also can be cross-training days and I'm motivated to start this session off on a positive note.


Lori said...

It's funny you show the lard ad. I was just commenting to my family this weekend that one of the best birthday cakes I ever had was when Mom made me a solid white cake. White cake, vanilla icing, etc. The secret ingredient? Lard for the icing. (Kept it WHITE.) We laughed about that and my aunt pointed out that everyone back then ate a lot of lard. I said, "Yes, and we all moved around a lot more too."

As for the tapeworms, I always grew up hearing about thin people having them. As in hearing someone say to someone else (never me!), "You're so thin, you must have a tapeworm!" Maybe that's where that came from?

You know, I had another thought about your race. How many damn bananas did they have at the finish line if they were all gone and there was only 42 people total? The organizers might have been, ahem, cheap about bananas for you guys.

FatBlokeThin said...

Ye Gods! Sanitized tape worms, I have heard it all! Lol!

I am NOT volunteering for this one.

M@rla said...

I was pretty sure I had invented the tapeworm idea, but then I found that apparently it's been tried before. I'm still kind of tempted, though.

ws said...

about 3 hours post-run I usually assume I have a tapeworm since I feel ravenous. Obviously I don't have one though...they are actually pretty gross so that's probably a good thing.

Mary Christine said...

You crack me up and Mr. Geezer.

I sometimes make pie crust with lard and everyone says "YUUUMMMMY. this is the BEST pie crust." I don't exactly reveal to them what I have done.