Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Weighing in on the weekly weigh-in

First, I hope each of you who celebrates Christmas had a good one, end enjoyed your day. I certainly did! This was, as my husband likes to say, our first married Christmas … to each other. Heh. He thought the CD with songs about mental illness was very creative. Others who received CD mixes – my daughter, her husband and my son-in-law – also were very appreciative.

My daughter gave me, among other things, a nearly knitting-related gift – a t-shirt from The Panopticon Shop. How did she know that Franklin's Itchy Lamb was my favorite design?

So. I've been weighing myself weekly, and seeing the same number, week after week after week, ever since September. Good for me for maintaining, but when will it start to move again? Two weeks ago I switched from eDiets' GI plan to the Low Sugar one, trying to shake things up a bit.

Last week I sneaked a mid-week scale check in there, and was thrilled – thrilled, I tell you! – to see that I'd lost a pound. But yesterday for the official weigh-in I was back to the same old boring number I've seen since fall started.

For Christmas dinner yesterday the only sugar-laden food I served was dessert, and I didn't eat any of it. I baked bread, though, and by day's end had eaten far too much. I think I was feeling a little deprived at not partaking of pecan pie. I'd like to toss the remaining pie, but Mr. Shrinking Knitter requested that I not do that. I think I'll put it in the dorm-sized refrigerator in the garage.

I really, really, really – no, REALLY! – feel great with 12 sugar-free days under my belt. But I also really wanted to taste the pie. As an alcoholic, I've also been tempted by the smell of booze but would never dream of sipping it. Sugar and booze are the same thing to me, so please don't offer me any suggestions or excuses. That's just the way it is for me, and I'm oh-so-sorry it's taken me so long to figure it out. I'll take all the "attagirls" for resisting temptation that you'd like to throw at me, though!

I'm ready for another good week. Lots of healthy leftover turkey, a huge tub of mixed salad greens, fresh fruit and cut-up vegetables aplenty … I've no excuses. The bowl games begin in earnest this week, and I have lots of knitting planned to keep my fingers busy and out of the pie.

Armed and dangerous? That would be me!


Anonymous said...

Way to go my friend! Keep stringing together those sugar free days and you will see new numbers on that meanie scale!

Vickie said...

You don't have to name brands or anything - and I hope this isn't too personal/specific of a question for you - but in the process of eliminating SUGAR - what else has gone out with the sugar??? Because they are made together - I find that I am down to almost NO processed food in my quest to keep sugar and high fructose corn syrup OUT - I can't say that I NEVER get either of those two in my food - but what I do get is a very controlled/small amount. Is this what you are finding too - almost no processed in order to stop the sugar???

Jack Sprat said...


You know yourself best. If you believe that refined-sugar products are not worth it (too many negative side effects) than trust your instincts on that score. I'm not sure who would try to convince you that you should eat ANYTHING that you don't want to, but stick to your guns.

Now if you told *ME* not to eat sugar-y stuff you might get a little resistance ... heh heh.

So kudos on the hard work and the self-discoveries. I'm sorry about the scale not budging, though. It can seem discouraging when that happens. But I'm guessing that the steps you're taking NOW will have a decent payoff in the long-run. Keep up the good work!


Kristi said...


Debbi said...

I eat very few, if any, processed foods. The only one I can think of quickly is Smart Balance Light, which I use infrequently. I cook from scratch almost all the time. It's good that I don't work and do like to cook. Otherwise, this might present a problem!

Thanks for those "attagirls!" They really do mean a lot.

mehitabel said...

Here's another "attagirl!" for you! I had a small slice of pumpkin pie, and a small slice of mincemeat, and even though the break room at work was awash in goodies, I managed to resist most of them. Our family has decided to re-start our Biggest Loser challenge, and I need to "train" for my trip to France, so there will be some serious effort shown here! As soon as the sinus infection is gone...

PICAdrienne said...

Two thirds of the big eating days of the season are down, and you have not gained. You should be proud of that!

Kia LaBracke said...

Debbi --

I agree that you should be elated with plateau given the holidays. I don't really weigh myself, but have noticed in spite of my twice-weekly training sessions that I have lost not one ounce. Muscle, yes. Not skinnier per se.

Anyway, obsess less about the number and enjoy your good health. We are all counting on having you around for a long time to come.

Love you and Happy New Year! Kia