Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I hope by the time you're reading this you've enjoyed some good coffee and great gifts, both given and received. It's a little early around here to start opening presents – we're just two adults, one of whom likes to sleep late – so I still don't know what's in those beautiful packages under our girly-girl tree.

Thanks for all your thoughts yesterday about kids playing outdoors. I understand the issue; what I don't understand is how our society has come to this. Is it, as Greta suggested, that we are victims of the media covering every incident? Are we less safe now than when I was growing up in the '50s and '60s?

How could this happen?

And I'm not even talking about childhood obesity any more.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I have been living behind locked doors for the past couple of weeks. Someone – and we think he/they may have been caught – has been randomly and brazenly burglarizing homes in broad daylight all over our county. Three homes on our road were recently targeted, and we've heard of many, many more. Sometimes the homes have been occupied, sometimes empty.

I used to leave the house and garage unlocked when I took my morning walk – no longer! We now deadbolt the garage and arm the security system whenever we leave the house. So, Mr. Burglar, if you're reading the Shrinking Knitter you can just move on down the road.

Or, better yet, go play video games. You probably have a stolen PlayStation in your loot.

How's that for a warm-fuzzy-holiday post? Heh.

Seriously, have a great day and eat some pecan pie for me. I'm still sugar-free! Probably the best gift I've given myself in years.


Stretch said...

Merry Christmas and many sugarfree plum fairies to you and a successful and secure new year to us all.

Greta said...

Merry Christmas!!

Sorry about the break-ins in the Middle-of-Nowhere making you feel insecure. If you liked dogs, a good watch dog would help. With my 5 I don't think anyone will get in here! However, I still lock the door and valuables are in a safe...some of them anyway.

I am off my diet plan, but looking to post-holidays as when I will be getting back on track. I have to eat a prescribed diet for 3 days, then nothing for 1 day in order to prepare for an early January colonoscopy, so I am counting on getting back on track after that.

We just had a long walk with our dogs in the hills. Christmas tree is glowing. Finally achieved an all dog-ornament tree this year for the first time.

Thanks for writing on a holiday!