Sunday, December 03, 2006

We're #2! We're #2!

Like the Avis Car Rental company, West Virginia University came in last night as the "we try harder" team of the Big East. Mr. Shrinking Knitter said it was a thrilling ending – we won by two points in a triple-overtime game where we had to convert a two-point conversion. [I was asleep. A hard day of knitting, you know. Completely wore me out.]

That win means that instead of playing a bowl game in December, we'll be slugging it out on New Year's Day, a mark of distinction in college football. I recently heard a radio sports commentator predict that soon there will be 120 major college sports teams and 60 bowl games, so no one gets left out. Heh.

[I had this really cool graphic of the Avis "We Try Harder" button superimposed over a WVU football helmet, but Blogger is not playing nice about the uploading of the images this morning.]
Yesterday's image of the knitted, felted footwarmer has been a topic of discussion and, frankly, derision, on several knitting lists. My favorite observation was that something might make a home in there ... and not something you'd want to touch with your toes!

Which reminds me of last week when I went to pay my for my haircut. The bottom of my knitted, felted handbag was filled with dog kibble! I know our dogs would never hide their food, and I also know that mice will. It was a bit, um, disconcerting, to say the least, to be fishing for a pen and find chunks of Beneful! The exterminator comes tomorrow. Not soon enough!
Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I walked together yesterday for about two miles, and also went to an open house at my neighbor's pottery and gift shop. She had a guest artist there selling handmade glass beads. I wish I could show you one of the ones I bought, but since I can't upload images, I guess it'll have to wait. It's a rosy-colored flattened ball with little protrusions all over it than can only be described as, um, nipples. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it to make something for another neighbor who had a partial mastectomy about five years ago. She'll love it!
Food was good yesterday, including a healthy and delicious homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. When I eat well and at regular times, I don't even think about snacking in between meals. My menu plan from eDiets "prescribes" an afternoon and an evening snack, but I skipped the afternoon one. I'd had a lean ham sandwich with lettuce, pickles and low-fat mayo on good whole-grain bread for lunch, and that lasted all afternoon.

I'll have to try that strategy again. Like every day. Heh.


mehitabel said...

Which Bowl will your team be playing in? Yesterday was our big cross-town rivalry, too, and UCLA beat USC. I'm working on food choices too, including actually ADDING more food at different times so that it's not such a feast-or-famine life. I tend to put off eating till I'm ravenous and just eat whatever's easy, and that isn't a good plan. I'm also starting NOW to train for what promises to be a very active tour to France in May of next year. Lots of walking, and carrying our own luggage too--so I'm going to work on the walking, and weights as well. Wish me luck, please!

Kristi said...

I once went into my hubbie's sweater drawer, in an unused bedroom, to find about a cup and a half of every kind of bird seed I feed. You can imagine the look on my face!! It ended up a cute little chipmunk had found it's way in through the attic. For an entire year I uncovered 4 different storage areas throughout the house. It was a little unnerving to realize this little creature had been able to scurry around undetected for so long, but once I knew it was out of the house each discovery was cause for a little grin. Thanks for your enjoyable blog and mehitabel.......good luck!

Greta said...

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