Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Quote Day

That old Confidence. Along with his buddy, Motivation, these seem to be the two things I miss most often.

Even though I've lost weight before. Even though I've lost 36 pounds this year. Even then I sometimes have doubts.

Not today, though. Heh. I didn't touch the dumbbells until 8:30 last night, but I finally did check them off my list, in addition to:
• No sugar.
• Correct number of calories.
• Walking outside.
I was busy-busy-busy yesterday. The guest room is almost back to guestworthiness, and I got a storage closet that Mr. Shrinking Knitter wants to use for something-or-other completely cleared of Mrs. Shrinking Knitter's old clothes.

That was rather painful, actually, because some of those clothes are from when I moved here to the Middle of Nowhere in 1997. When I was thin!

I've been saving them, thinking maybe, someday, I'd be able to wear them again. To tell the truth, I probably wouldn't wear them again even if they did fit, as they aren't exactly very stylish any more. So there's a large bag that will be donated, another bag of more classic dresses and dressy shorts put away in a different closet [let's hope Mr. SK doesn't want to repurpose that one, too!] and four wool blazers and a sweater that my daughter is taking custody of until I can wear them again. Next fall.

The sweater is the Oat Couture Seville Jacket that I had soooo hoped would fit. Once I sewed the edging on, though, it seemed to draw in all the way around. And I did a very good job with the finishing and sewing on, so I'm not taking it off to try to adjust it. She loves the design but is maybe not-so-crazy about pink as I am. We shall see. At least it'll be retrievable if when I reach my goal.

I also spent some quality time in the lower part of the garage, sorting a huge amount of donated yarn for the Yarn Project at Alderson. That's all bagged or boxed by color and ready to deliver Monday night.

Motivated by M@rla and her Pedro experiment, I dug around in the junk drawer for my pedometer. It's not a terribly sophisticated model and, in fact, might be the one McDonald's was giving away a few years ago when they were promoting their healthy salads. You know, 'cause McDonald's is all about promoting health and fitness. It didn't register any steps if I clipped it on my waistband, so I tried it on my shoe and it's quite accurate. Wednesday started out at about 3600; yesterday was almost 6000. Once I start walking longer distances I'll have no trouble reaching the magic 10,000 number.

But I'm in no hurry. I'm not going to push myself back into another injury. That was my derailment this fall. Being unable to exercise contributed to a very black mood which created a very large appetite. I'm back in training and, for today anyway, determined to do the next right thing, every time I have a choice.

Blog break alert: I'm taking a couple of days off. Holiday activities will prevent me from parking my ass in front of the computer this weekend. I'll be back Monday.

Today's quote can be adjusted to fit on a business card. Right-click to save it and print out a whole sheet of them. Put one in the window of your wallet in front of your horrible driver's license photo. Print your own business-card information on the other side. Make a statement!

Are you tough enough?


Lori said...

Good job with the weights and the food!

I've decided that with my clothes, unless they are classics (which I doubt), everything is going. The hardest thing for me will be to get rid of my size 28 pants. I don't need them and I hope to God that I won't ever be able to wear them b/c I will keep on losing/maintaining weight. But it's scary to let go of them. If anyone needs any clothes, let me know.

Anyway, have a good weekend and we'll see you later! Keep up the good work.

pastaqueen said...

If I clipped a pedometer to my shoe, the nervous bouncing of my foot I do while sitting in my office chair would make it look like I'd run a marathon :)

FoggyJPinSF said...


My personal rule of thumb for clothes that are in the closet:

If they're calling me, I keep 'em.

If they're calling me NAMES, I get rid of 'em.

You are doing an amazing job this holiday season and I'm rooting for your continued success!


M@rla said...

D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! It never occured to me to put Pedro on my foot! D'OH!

I had a skirt that I've been saving since 1981, believing that someday I would fit into it. I finally gave it away last year; not so much because it's still too small, which I'm sure it is, but because like you I realized it's hardly stylish anymore.

Dee said...

Good for you for joining us pedometerites!!! I've been wearing one for over a year now - except in bed LOL - and it's been a great motivator!!