Monday, December 04, 2006

Cold enough for ya?

From's forecast for today in the Middle of Nowhere:
The current temperature is 30F, but it "feels like" 17, so this is pretty much it as far as how balmy it gets today.

As much as I love walking outside, you'll find me on the treadmill today.

That's where I was yesterday morning, as well, Running. Three. Miles. Straight. Without. Stopping. One of the prerequisites for the half-marathon training is the ability to run three miles two or three times a week. [At least that's how I remember it; I can't find the information I printed out right now. Do y'all find that during the holidays your house just kind of attracts clutter and piles of paper show up out of nowhere and Important Things take a hike? But I digress …] I'll try a three-mile treadmill run again today, but I don't expect to be able to do it two days in a row.

I should probably be more positive with the self-talk. But I'm fifty-freaking-five years old and overweight and not in the best athletic shape of my life, so I think being realistic is prudent. Realistically, based on previous experience, longish runs on two consecutive days just don't happen for me. But we'll see.

[Tangent: When your mother said, "We'll see," did she almost always mean "No?"]

I'm still not ready to 'officially' get on the scale. I've weighed myself a couple of times in the last month or so; since I quit doing my long walks [because of the plantar fasciitis] I've gained eight pounds. SOB! My clothes fit fine – I would have expected the jeans to be a little snug, but they're not.

I was surprised-but-not-shocked to have gained that much in two months. Now that I can walk and run again, I expect to see some downward trend, and I will start official weigh-ins again in January. I haven't thrown the eating plan out the window, but the past couple of months have really proven to me, in LED green-and-black, that I need to exercise vigorously to lose poundage.

I knew it all along.


Vickie said...

Out throwing papers in the wee hours today with the oldest in 15 degrees with windchill of 1.

But no rain - Friday it was cold and WET - bad combination. I came home on Friday to wring out my underware - I kid you not - soaked to the skin.

PastaQueen said...

It's 47 degrees - in my office! I'm giving them another 20 minutes to fix the heat and then I'm going home. (My wrists are nice and warm though)

I haven't been able to run this week and have only maintained. I'm glad that I haven't gained, but I want to get back to losing too!

Marilyn B. said...

Yes, it's cold in Tulsa too. Low was 18 this morning and there is still much snow, with ice under it, still on the roads and ground from last Thursdays record snow storm. Brrrrr! We totaled 10.5 inches of snow on top of 1.5 to 3 inches of sleet and freezing rain.

Todays suggestion from my calander for Dec. 4th, "Find ways to be active everyday."

I'm posting from Safari insead of AOL and it seems to be working fine.

Greta said...

I want to lose again, too. Somehow my wt. crept up a bit as a result of all the holiday parties I have attended. I thought about a big push NOW but then there are 3 more parties just this week alone. So I am with you in January.

Still of course, I am walking long walks daily, and following my food plan when not at a party.

Jonathan said...

I guess I'm not going to complain that its "ONLY" 50 degrees outside today!

When you mentioned the weight gain and then wrote "SOB" ... at first I thought you had written "S. O. B." which is EXACTLY how I felt when that happened to me!

Anyway, don't throw in the towel, you'll need it to wipe off the sweat from those LONG RUNS you're doing on the treadmill.


Stretchy said...

I go up and down on the scale lately and feel bad too.

tangent: my mother never ever had trouble saying "NO!", so "we'll see" was her way of saying yes.

back to the scale reading: when it is up I weigh weekly til it goes down. When it is down, I weigh daily. I've been doing this and it makes me less crazy.
er, a little less crazy.