Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Emily Post would be so proud

I mailed my thank-you notes yesterday. And nearly broke my arm from patting myself on the back when I was finished! Heh.

And then I wrote one more, but since I don't have all your addresses – or even all your names! – I hope you won't mind reading it here.

Of course I still haven't responded to a couple of the personal notes that came in Christmas cards. But hey, we're not perfect ... just working on it!

Vickie asked me yesterday in the comments if I shun processed foods, and I responded that I do. One thing I've never read the label on, though [until this morning], is my sugar-free non-dairy flavored fabulous creamer – about as processed a food as you can find. The second ingredient is corn syrup.

I never knew.

There's a disclaimer printed on the label that the corn syrup adds a "miniscule" amount of sugar to the total product, and the amount of sugar listed on the nutrition label says "0g."

But still. I feel like I've been duped. But just think how much better I'll feel now that I'm not using that crap any more! I used to drink my coffee black, so I'll start moving back in that direction, and use skim milk as a weaning aid.

I started feeling ill yesterday afternoon, with a sore throat and fever, and went to sleep at 7 p.m. Woke up at 5 a.m. feeling pretty good – just a headache, really, and an Aleve usually takes care of that quickly. But I think I'll take it easy today.

I'm almost finished with one of the Pop-up Paws ... such a great pattern – very clearly written, with separate instructions for the left and right hand. None of that pesky "repeat as for right hand, reversing shaping" crap.

I'm doing this pair in worsted weight for my son-in-law, and then will do another pair for my grandson in a lighter weight yarn but the same color [grey tweed]. Six-year-old boys like matching, especially when they can match with their dads.

The next knitting project, and one I forgot to include in a recent mental list, is a sweater for my daughter's former pastor, whose adopted son will arrive from China in February. He's a year old, I think, so it won't be baby-sized, but from the photo I saw of him he's very small for his age.

Thanks for all the attagirls yesterday. I love mehitabel's idea of a family "Biggest Loser" competition. That sounds like a great way to start the next Year of Living Healthfully!


Charity said...

Good for you on getting rid of the non-dairy creamer. I bet it also contains partially hydrogenated soybean oil (TRANSFAT!) too. You might try nonfat powdered milk as a substitute as you transition to black. It won't water down your coffee the way skim milk will.

dg said...

grrrrr! sneaky creamer! begone!

that thank you note is the sweetest thing ever :)h

NicoleW said...

Aww, thanks for the note. :) And thanks for all your comments over the year.

Lori said...

Thank you for being so inspiring. It's not just the weight loss or the exercise but in the way you live with the volunteering, for example.

I also appreciate your comments and I'm always so thrilled to see that you wrote something on my blog or over at AFG.

I hope you feel better too.

Anne M. said...

What a sweet note, Debbi! Thank YOU for sharing your insights, support, and information with so many of us both here and on our own blogs. Have a great new year!

mehitabel said...

Thanks to YOU for the inspiration and the honesty! And "good on you" for being able to give up the creamer--I don't know if I could! I hate milk of any kind in my coffee, even half-and-half isn't quite what I want; heavy cream, that's the ticket! But I only use a smidge, and I have to think the creamer is better than the real cream! If I have to give up my creamer, I'll give up coffee and switch to tea...