Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Good advice

I think I might just turn the reins of the Shrinking Knitter over to foggyjpinsf, who has been a welcome and frequent commenter lately. Yesterday s/he wrote:
But my rule of thumb is this: Don't do anything to lose weight that you're not willing to do to keep it off.
How I wish I'd had that advice 10 years ago, 'cause I sure wasn't willing to continue killing myself in the gym in order to maintain 128 pounds.

The trainers at the gym actually did suggest that any workout longer than 45 minutes was essentially wasted effort. I didn't believe them and, in my own mind, proved them wrong. I did, after all, lose almost 50 pounds in five months.

But they had the last laugh, because I couldn't maintain it.

[They didn't really have the last laugh. They have no idea to this day that I gained back all my weight because shortly after I reached my all-time adult low of 128 I moved to the Middle of Nowhere. Where there is no gym.]

And that's also not completely true. We've had a home gym right from the start, which at first was a Stairmaster, a rowing machine and a weight bench. We later added a treadmill. And, of course, we've always had the outside hills.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter has frequently noted that I seem to do better in a gym environment. Something about being around others with the same goal and intensity seems to spur me on. It's taken a long time to adjust, obviously, and I even tried going to a gym for a while. But three months of driving 40 minutes one-way to sweat for an hour seemed not quite worth it to me.

And, frankly, the gym I used 10 years ago was soooo nice, compared to the one I eventually found here. Spoiled? Who, me? Maybe just a little bit.

And obsessed with the pedometer? Maybe just a lot! I find myself checking the tally before and after a deliberate 20-step march across the living room, just to make sure it works right. Honestly? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. So yesterday's total of 10,501 might be a little low. I walked four miles outside and expected an 8000 reading after that, but it was only 6000-something. I guess as long as it reads at least 10,000, I'll have done what I'm "supposed" to do.

I'm going to really have to work to get that number today, since I'll be sitting on my butt in the car for a couple hours, sandwiched around sitting on my butt at the movies for a couple more. Rocky Balboa opens today at a theatre not-so-near me, and I'm taking myself to a matinee. I can't remember the last time I did that.

I'm prepared to be inspired, as I was when the first Rocky movie was released. I just hope I'm not disappointed.

Film at eleven. Heh.


Greta said...

"Yesterday s/he wrote:
But my rule of thumb is this: Don't do anything to lose weight that you're not willing to do to keep it off"

Yes. Absolutely. That's my philosophy. I have done the same thing as you, Shrinking Knitter, and "killed" myself to shed the weight. This time around I was only willing to do what I am able to sustain FOR LIFE. For me, personally, in this 55 year old hypo-thyroid post-menopausal body, what I was able to achieve was 10 pounds above the top of the "normal" range for my height (based on WW charts plus some other charts I have seen). Sure, I would LIKE to be at the low end of the normal range. I envy thin women I see who are my age and wonder how the heck they manage to do it. However, I do what I can do. It's a whole lot better to be 10 pounds above the top ot the normal range than 70 pounds above the normal range which is where I started. Everybody has a "least amount they are willing or able to eat" and a "Maximum amount they are willing or able to exercise". When you eat as little as you can and exercise as must as you can sustain forever, then you wait and watch and see where your body weight ends up.

HOWEVER, all the above is not an excuse for nibbling cookies or skipping days of exercise. The food program and exercise have to continue on relentlessly.


FoggyJPinSF said...

Hello! I'm Jonathan from Jack Sprat / aka FoggyJPinSF ... sorry about the confusion!

Miss B. said...

This is an excellent advice. I tend to forget it sometimes and it's good to be reminded. What I need are life-long healthy habits and not just temporary weight loss tricks.

It's my first visit to your blog, btw. Very good read! :)

anne said...

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks