Monday, December 11, 2006


Done, done, done, done, done!

From a distance, all those intricate little cables don't show up very well. But up close and personal it looks great. [Clicking on the photo for a larger view doesn't add much; blame the photographer! Heh.]

Also, thanks to the great NFL line-up here in the Middle of Nowhere, I shortened the Batman Sweater sleeves and knit a Ferrari.

Just kidding about the Ferrari.

On deck is the Wallaby for my neighbor's granddaughter; the sleeves are done already and if I'd been smart enough to cast on last night during the third quarter of the Cowboys game [I felt bad for Romo] I could be working on it while I read e-mail this morning. Oh, well, hindsight and all that.

I had a great day with the food yesterday, meaning I ate healthfully and not so much. But I couldn't get going on the treadmill. Only two miles and 30 minutes. According to Mr. Shrinking Knitter I looked like I'd done much more, with my sweaty shirt and red face. Looks don't count, though.

So I weighed in this morning and those extra eight pounds are still here. Not even one was gracious enough to leave in the past two weeks. Harumph! Strangely, I'm not too concerned. I feel confident that when I get back in my workout groove all will be well. Not if – WHEN! I've a feeling I'll be joining the hundreds of thousands of other people who get jazzed about getting in shape on January 1. I'm jazzed, mind you, just not jazzed!

Welcome Soy Sister to the Links sidebar line-up! A friend of my daughter, Kia recently started sharing her well-written thoughts with the world at large. Or at least with four of us. In addition to being a clever, witty woman, she knits.
I'll let her tell you more about herself.


mehitabel said...

Great job on the sweater(s)--you have been really cranking! I'd say, take the time you need to get over the cold/flu thing, as there will be lots of days when you will be UP for the exercise! You're still doing amazingly well! And the knitting is wonderful...

Greta said...

I just wonder if you wouldn't be further ahead if you were to slow down when you got to the point that your face is red & you were feeling totally beat? What if you went down to a pace of 2-3 miles per hour after the first half hour? Theoretically you are supposed to "cool down" after intense exercise, so this is not a radical concept. Four miles an hour is a FAST pace. I'd bet if you did 3 miles per hour you'd easily be able to do 6 -8 miles. For calories burned, a longer distance is what counts, though the heart pounding speeds are good for cardiac health.