Tuesday, December 19, 2006


11,506, to be exact. That's how many steps I recorded on my pedometer yesterday.

The model I'm now using [I bought a new one over the weekend] seems to be more sensitive than the one I found in the junk drawer last week, although it still doesn't count accurately when I clip it on my waistband. It's quieter, though, so when it's clipped to my shoe it doesn't clank around like the other one did.

I only deliberately walked 3.6 miles outside, so the rest of that activity was just normal, daily moving. I don't want to get obsessed with this, but I will admit that wearing it encourages me to be more active. Instead of waiting to take several things upstairs, for instance, I take things up as I think of them.

To "J" in San Fran: No apologies necessary! I'm glad you shared your opinion of TBL! You should read some of the opinions from others who watch the show. Heh. I appreciate all comments [hint, hint!], especially the ones that make me think. I feel like I should get some kind of prize for not going off the deep end this fall. I've gained eight pounds in three months; it could be so much worse! But if I were on the show, I'd have been booted off long ago.

I have to say that spending hours in the gym certainly makes the difference in rapid weight loss, and I can say that from personal experience, as well as seeing the results with the TBL contestants. When I lost weight 10 years ago I spent at least two hours in the gym every day. I wouldn't leave until I'd burned 1000 calories, according to the monitors on the various machines [Stairmaster, cross-trainer, rowing machine, treadmill]. I did a 30- to 45-minute free weight routine three times weekly and I ran the mile or so from my apartment to the gym and home again.

On weekends, when I wasn't working, I did all that and also did a long run – about six miles – outside as well.

But that was insane. All I thought about was working out and counting fat grams. I breathed, ate, slept and discussed losing weight incessantly. I couldn't have been much fun to be around, although my friends were kind enough not to point it out. I can only imagine what they said about me when I wasn't around!

While I feel like losing weight is always on my mind, I hope that I'm getting the talking about it out of my system here, on the blog, and am more rational and balanced when I'm around other people. Admittedly, I'm not around other people very much. The inmates at Alderson on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Mr. Shrinking Knitter, pretty much make up my social circle.

Last night was the last session of this six-week drawing class, and I'm taking the next four Mondays off. My students were so grateful and as they left, each one of them said they'd learned a lot. The first week, with no training or discussion of technique at all, they draw their hands, and then the fifth week they draw them again. The comparison is amazing. I love being able to help them feel proud of their talent and ability; they get so little of that from the prison staff.

We all need to be encouraged by others. No [wo]man is an island, and all that. I hope you have a kick-ass day today!


Debra said...

I bought an Omron pedometer last spring and I became completely obsessed with it. It was accurate; I can wear it in my bra or a pocket. It keeps track for 7 days. It is perfect.

I found myself easily getting to 11 or 12,000 steps a day even when I only took the dogs for a 2 mile walk.

Interesting thing about working (and your older obsession with working hard). I'm currently working to lose weight at 24 hour fitness (same group from TBL). They regularly say that one reason for not losing weight or inches is OVERTRAINING (Too much cardio and not enough weight training.) AND not eating enough.

I've had to increase my calories to lose weight. So far I'm losing inches but not pounds.. but we'll see over time.

Grumpy Chair said...

I bought a nice pedometer right before Thanksgiving to wear when I walked at my parent's house.

After reading your past two posts, I feel motivated to find it and strap it on. I think I will try it on my shoes, oops I wear flip flops most of the day, so I guess I will have to keep it at my hip.

jen said...

I think that the people at 24-hour fitness are half right -- overdoing the exercise and undereating are a problem, but mostly because no one can sustain it forever, so it's just a matter of time before we say, "Screw it" and then revert to our old bad habits (or find new, even worse ones). I think that a more moderate approach not only saves our sanity, but it allows us to stick with it long enough to have good results.

denise said...

Since you mentioned that you welcome all comments...I can't resist saying that I was SO glad that Kai didn't win TBL. Didn't care who else won, just didn't want it to be her! But as it turns out I did like the guy who won, so that was even better.

I have to say TBL has the strangest effect on me - something about watching it always made me want to eat...a lot. So I would end up chowing down on all kinds of food I shouldn't have - or too much of what I should. Who can figure...I'm just glad it's over from that perspective! But yet, I do enjoy watching it. (Of course, if that was the only time I was overeating these days it wouldn't be so bad...)

Congrats Ms. SK on not letting go completely after gaining. I am hanging on by my finger nails trying not to let go completely. But I have to say I'm close to it. I've been away from the blogs for a while, but now I'm back searching for inspiration.

Thanks to everyone here for providing great support.

FoggyJPinSF said...

Jen has it right. The hardest message for me to get across to my meeting members (and the thing that I therefore LEAST successful at) is convincing them that "extremes are not sustainable." Extreme exercise and/or dieting leads to burnout and bingeing.

"Moderation" has no sex appeal. Portion control sounds so uninteresting.

But my rule of thumb is this: Don't do anything to lose weight that you're not willing to do to keep it off.


P.S. Pedometers rock! And anything over 10,000 steps a day is truly inspirational.