Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The first time I saw the KOKO acronym, I had to puzzle it out for a minute before I realized what it meant. I'm the type of e-mail user who would rather write 'granddaughter' than DGD. I don't text-message at all, or I might see the advantage of electronic shorthand. Basically, though, I like to be clear.

Oh, and I love to type.

So. KOKO means keep on keepin' on. Looking at the letters reminds me of that old cereal commercial where the animated character declares he's "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!" [What a sorry-ass excuse for a breakfast food Cocoa Puffs are, eh?]

But I digress.

I haven't been KOKO-ing very well lately. In spite of my determination to get back on the horse many times this past year – most recently just 16 days ago – I'm still standing in the barn with a saddle blanket in my hands, wondering which direction the posse went.

On November 27, I vowed to do a light weight-training routine every day. I think I did it twice, and I haven't touched a dumbbell since. I have promised myself – and you – I would follow the eDiets menu precisely. The truth is, I start off with a bang and end with a whimper.

Every morning is the morning.

I wouldn't blame you a bit if you didn't believe me this time, either. But ohmygoodness, how I hope that this morning really is The One that gets me back on track, right down the beam, on the straight and narrow.

Saddled up.


Mar!a said...

I believe you.

EVERY DAY is the day. Every day we wake up we still have to make the choices and do the right things.

I'm not sure if that's encouraging or depressing...

koko, baby.

Jeannie Crockett said...

I understand, too. Every day is a new day---can you think about how many days this year you met your daily goals? 90%?

But more importantly! What a truly cool saddle blanket! It makes me want to buy a horse!