Sunday, December 31, 2006

Out with the old!

For some reason that title makes me want to scream: "Off with her head!"

Remember adorable little Ray in Jerry Maguire?
"D'you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?"

That'd be one way to lose a little weight, eh? Talk about your weight-loss surgery!

I'm not against WLS, by the way. I feel very fortunate that I've never had to consider it as an option. Alcoholics frequently choose the 'easier, softer way,' which is what I'm doing now, in my opinion. Working out and eating healthfully seems easier to me than submitting to a surgeon's knife. And I've seen enough WLS programs on Discovery Health to know that I'd be scared to death to take that route. Those who do are brave beyond measure.

So. Out with old habits, old behaviors and old attitudes.

Even though I'm not at my goal weight, which I'd hoped to be a year ago, I have to say this year has been a success. I've learned what it takes, what it will take and what I can comfortably do. More important, I've learned that I don't need to be comfortable. A little discomfort is a Good Thing – pushing myself to jog instead of walk, tacking an extra mile onto the walk, just being hungry and waiting out the hunger a little bit longer.

Although true hunger is something I've probably not experienced since I was an infant. And, knowing my mother, probably not then, either.

This year has been tremendously successful in discarding old attitudes. I wanted magical weight loss. I wanted a treatable disease. I wanted instant results.

I've learned there is no magic, I'm healthier than most 55-year-old women and patience is at least as Good a Thing as discomfort.

I've mentioned previously here that blogging is the secret to my success. If you've stumbled onto the Shrinking Knitter in your own quest for a new you in 2007, welcome! Blogging is just another word for journaling, which you'll often see suggested in the list of helpful weight-loss strategies. I use Blogger, which is easy as, ahem, pie to set up. So jump in! Start your own blog! You don't have to tell all.

If the idea of blogging makes you uncomfortable, then write in a book, or start a diary file using your word processing program.

However, keeping your thoughts to yourself can be dangerous. Those who regularly read my blog have been supportive, confrontive, helpful, and did I mention supportive? I live in the Middle of Nowhere, socialize very little, and pretty much keep to myself. I've found that I need the network which has developed among the bloggers I read. I'm sure I'm missing some good ones … one can only spend so much time on one's ass in front a computer, after all. Limits, people, limits!

I've replaced poor
habits and unhealthy behaviors with healthy alternatives. No more sneaking snack-sized candy bars into the garage and hiding them in the freezer to have one-at-a-time for just 60 calories each, only to polish off the whole package before the day is done. No more whipping up a batch – albeit a small batch – of pseudo cookie dough when an overwhelming craving takes over. [This vice goes waaaaaay back. I can remember mixing sugar, flour, shortening, vanilla and a little bit of milk in a bowl and eating it with a spoon when I was in high school.] While a tray of crudites isn't quite as sexy as chocolate, it's handy, nearly calorie-free and I don't have a sugar hangover when I'm done plundering it.

No more sitting on my ass all day. No more driving the 1.6 miles to the post office [if it's not raining, I walk. And sometimes I walk when it is raining.]. No putting off until tomorrow what I don't want to do today. [This was hard, because – since I don't work – there's always tomorrow to get something done.]

One of my big lessons learned is to Do It Now. [Except for lifting weights. Heh.] If the floor needs cleaned, I get out the dust mop. Our laundry basket is never overfull. Dishes don't pile up in the sink and the coffeemaker is loaded and ready to go every night.

Now don't you go thinking I'm perfect. Just because the main part of the house looks nice doesn't mean I want you snooping around in the guest room, which is the clutter-catcher. But last year I didn't want you dropping by. I was uncomfortable with every part of my life – how my house looked and how I looked. And what's happened is that as I've improved, so have my surroundings.

Next year … the lawn!

Kidding. I kind of went off on a Flylady tangent there, didn't I? Sorry about that. But the underlying point remains the same: I've improved. Simple as that. Every one of us has room for improvement.

My strategy for 2007 is not much different than for 2006. I've switched my eDiet menu plan from Glycemic Impact to Low Sugar. I've sworn off sugar, once and for all, which seems to attack my body like poison. I've learned that daily exercise is as vital to weight loss as eating healthfully is, and that it's more vital to my emotional well-being. The better I feel, the more I want to keep doing what works.

It's taken a long time to figure this out. But, God willing, I'll have a long time left to keep on keepin' on.


Elizabeth said...

Well put, Debbi - a wonderful way to end a very successful year. You have accomplished so much in such a thoughtful way. You are an inspiration!

Doctors Against Diets said...

Excellent approach. For some insight read my blog

Kristi said...

You have the healthiest attitude!!! I love reading your entries, because you focus on what your doing right rather than wallowing in perceived failures. You are a winner and you make me smile!!!

Grumpy Chair said...

Besides your before and updated photos from late summer, the other post you did that really stood out and motivated me was your before and after/updated blood work. That was enough evidence for me to see the results of healthy eating and exercise.

I agree that blogging is the secret ingredient to weight loss. I have never been this successful on a diet/lifestyle change. The "missing link" over the last 10 years of yo yo dieting . . . blogging.

I had never heard of fly l*dy until two days ago. I printed everything off from her site and plan to implement her ideas.

Thanks again for blogging everyday and keeping me motivated.

Vickie said...

Have a safe and wonderful New Years!!!

M@rla said...

I haven't heard the term glycemic "impact" before, so I don't know if this is relevant, but I just read something about glycemic index versus glycemic load. Maybe it would be useful: