Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring forward

I forgot to change the clocks last night. I think there are only three in the house that I have to manually change. Nice of the computer and television to be so self-sufficient! And I've already adjusted to the time change, having woken up at 4:45-ish, which is really 5:45-ish, which is my normal get-up time anyway.

I started walking yesterday morning thinking I would do the four-mile loop. The temperature was quite nice, although I was fighting the wind no matter which direction I was walking. At any rate, I ended up doing the 6.6-mile loop. This was the first time this year I haven't had to wear a jacket, and the back of my neck is sunburned! It felt great to be striding along the road, listening to bouncy music on the Shuffle and not feeling like walking was a chore.

When I woke up this morning the thought came to me that I might want to try doing yoga again. I haven't done it because it's just too uncomfortable with all the extra weight around my middle. But I think I could manage the modified practices on one or more of my yoga DVDs. I might pull one out this afternoon, to help me relax.

For once I don't much care about the NCAA men's basketball championship. WVU got knocked out early, but then it was fun rooting for George Mason. They just weren't on their game yesterday. After they lost to Florida, I decided to root for LSU, which was soundly defeated by UCLA. I don't have any feelings one way or the other about Florida or UCLA. Don't ask me for advice when you go to place your bets on the final.

Do you remember that cereal commercial from the late '80s on Saturday Night Live? I've a feeling that's what it's going to be like around Chez Debbi later on today. The prep beginneth now: clear broth, Jell-O [as long as it's not red] and [bless them!] black coffee or tea until noon. After that it's water, more water and, oh, these little pills that promise … oh, you don't want to know. But it'll all be over tomorrow morning.

For once I'm looking forward to the Monday morning weigh-in. [smirk]

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