Monday, April 24, 2006

Five steps forward, one step back

It's Monday, and you know what that means. I know you're all waiting breathlessly to see if The Shrinking Knitter maintained that phenomenal five-pound loss from last week. Well, despite an average daily calorie consumption of 1178 and despite averaging 88 minutes of intentional exercise daily, she didn't quite manage it. One pound up this week, for a total loss of 22 since January 1.

Seriously, I knew last week's five-pound drop was a fluke, and I'm much happier thinking I've lost four pounds in the past two weeks. That sounds much more reasonable to me. [Am I convincing you yet?]

So here's something I've been wondering about all both of you:

How many weight-loss/fitness books [not counting cookbooks] do you own?
More than 15
Free polls from
Results will be posted next Monday. Please vote only once. This is practice for next November. [smirk]

Moving on to fibery things, did you see this from today's New York Times? You may have to register to read the article, but registration is free. It seems sheep are more than earning their keep, at least in the Netherlands. Not only do they provide wool, milk and meat, but they also … well, read the story; there's an accompanying photo as well.

I hope your progress this week is everything you'd hoped for. I couldn't be more pleased with myself. Really! Honest! Would I lie to you?


Marilyn B. said...

It would have been wonderful if the 5 pounds were real but I think you knew with all the prep for the tests that it would be just a bit off. I'm happy for you about the 4 pounds in two weeks. That sounds healthy.

Now to report my loss. YEA! Another 1.6 this week even with all the fun eating in Dayton at Retreat. That makes my two week loss total 3.4 pounds. Not bad for an old lady!

Mariah said...

So now you HAVE to stop saying "both of you". There are 6, count 'em, six votes in your poll. That means you HAVE to say "all of you".

Four pounds in 2 weeks is no small thing, darlin'. You're doing great.

Debbi said...

Yeah, Marilyn! Glad to hear of your downward progress. Hope the rest of your trip is just as good.

Debbi said...

I was just thinking the same thing about "both of you," Mariah. It will be a relief to give up that little bit of HTML as I compose the daily babble. Thanks for reading, as always!