Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Home again

I'm back home again, and had a great little getaway visiting my daughter and her family. She had asked me ahead of time for my menu plan and shopping list, and had stocked up on everything I needed to stay on plan. She didn't fix anything different for the rest of the family, so I didn't feel weird or different. Which has given me a little more confidence when we have guests here ... we all have to eat anyway, and it's good, healthy food, so why not just serve it all around?

My biggest worry while there was finding time and opportunity to walk, which turned out to be not a problem at all. Their neighborhood has a great walking trail, which I took advantage of two mornings. I also took a couple walks with my grandchildren and played soccer with them in the back yard one afternoon for an hour.

Playing soccer was fun, and really shows me that what I'm doing is working. In the past when I've played with the children I've found I had to stop and rest, and actually been out of breath. I vowed to not be one of those old grandmothers who sits on the couch watching everyone else play. Being able to run for the ball and not get winded was a most pleasant surprise.

We had a Harry Potter marathon on Saturday, so now I'm caught up with all four films. My granddaughter will always beat me playing her HP trivia game, but I might be able to answer two or three questions now. Quite good movies, actually.

I didn't expect to lose any weight this week. I felt that last Monday's big loss was artificially induced, and didn't think I'd get much intentional exercise in while I was gone. So I was delighted to have lost another pound, for a total of 18. It's been 14 weeks now, and I'm not tired of the plan. The walking and weightlifting are becoming habits and I really feel like I'm doing something that will last.

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