Friday, April 14, 2006

No clever title comes to mind today

So Wednesday, Renee wrote: "… guess till I hit goal, there'll always be a part of me that is clinging to hope for dear life, praying that this day won't be the day that starts the spiral back to gaining weight."

I know how she feels.

I've been unsuccessful, until now, at releasing weight for such a long time that it absolutely feels like it won't last. I'm used to my body playing tricks on me, in all kinds of ways, so being able to actually lose weight, slowly and steadily, for more than three months falls into the miracle category for me. Call the Vatican!

And even getting to goal is no guarantee that it won't come back. When I lost weight the last time [almost 60 pounds in five months, about 10 years ago], I weighed 128 for about five minutes. That was the lowest weight I achieved. I stayed at around 135 [which is my current goal] for a year or two, and then it all came back. And more.

I hope I'm learning more about maintenance by losing more slowly this time. While losing is hard, and I'll never say it isn't, maintaining is harder. For me, all my life, it's been impossible. Otherwise, I wouldn't be blogging about losing weight, would I?

Knitting picture time!

The baskets I made a while ago were for my grandchildren for Easter. They've been delivered, so now I can show them to you filled with goodies.

The back of the pullover with the cool diagonal
lace stitch is done, and I've started the front. It looks too little in person, but the tape measure doesn't lie. It will be about 42 inches in circumference when it's put together, which will barely fit now, but should be a nice, comfy, slouchy sweater to wear over a t-shirt or camisole next fall. My creative granddaughter suggested a lime-green shirt for underneath, which would really be stepping out for me! I'll be on the lookout, though.

An updated FLAK photo is on my
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Marilyn said...

I think the secret to keeping the weight off is to start thinking of this more as a way of life, not a diet. You will be able to eat more when you reach goal....but not a lot. If the exercise stops then the weight will start back on also if you keep eating the same amount. That is the reason I feel so strongly that you need to loose without feeling deprived. VERY occasionally eat that one thing you want. To say you can never have a food you love is defeat waiting in the wings.
Good job and the knitting is looking good. Baskets are really cute.
I need to get back to my FLAK, it is waiting in the wings right now.