Monday, April 03, 2006

Have I got a diet plan for you!

Just spend a day drinking nothing but water and eating nothing but Jell-O, and top it off with the magic ingredients – a bottle of magnesium citrate, followed by Bisacodyl tablets.

I guarantee you'll lose weight, but I sure don't recommend it for the long haul.

At any rate, it's over! I lived! And that's the end of that. [No, no drama. You don't want no drama.]

I lost five pounds from last Monday to today. I think the two-pound gain last Monday was a fluke; by Wednesday I had lost that and on Thursday had lost an additional pound. The total loss is now 17 pounds.

This week's exercise goal probably won't be met. I had counted on being able to walk this afternoon, but unless I feel a whole lot better in a few hours, I don't think that'll happen. But I far exceeded last week's goal, so the two weeks combined should still yield results. Shouldn't they? Or is that just wishful thinking?

Average calories eaten per day: 1061
Average minutes exercise per day: 103

I didn't take a rest day last week, and didn't eat one day, which is why the calories are so low and the minutes are so high.

I *seriously* don't recommend laxatives for weight loss, just to be perfectly clear. I was thrilled to see such a big drop this morning, but that thrill isn't enough to make me fast and purge every Sunday. The eDiets plan is working great, the exercise is getting easier [and is, I think, key to continued success] and now it's back to normal.

Whatever that is.

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hooray for Debbi!