Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I am not a geek

I understand a lot of how web browsers work, and can even do some basic coding when I need to. I can Google with the best of them and know how to make a clickable link when I send an e-mail. I'd rather have plain-text than html e-mails sent to me, because they generally take less time to download.

But I can't explain what happened this morning.

I, along with thousands of other people around the world, make a daily stop at dooce's blog. She's been changing the header on a monthly basis, and suggested that if the new header didn't show up to clear the cache and reload the page. Now I've been clearing cache files since I first started working with computers, umpty-mumble years ago, so that was no big deal. But after I did that, only the middle third of dooce's header showed up.

As I web-wandered through my other favorite blogs, many of them were missing pieces. I understand that it will take longer for each of the pages to load after a cache-clear, but some of them just gave up.

I switched browsers [I'm a big fan of Mozilla] and was able to get I Am That Girl Now to load in Firefox for G5. But it won't load at all in Mozilla. Many headers don't load. Some photos won't load. Sometimes I wish there was a tech support department down the hall, like I used to have when I worked at a real job.

Maybe I'll try restarting the computer.

I'll be traveling the remainder of this week, and probably won't be blogging. Yesterday was spent close to home; I'd forgotten how icky I would feel after the test I had done yesterday morning. I'm heading out for a walk in a few minutes and then will spend the day getting ready for a little spring getaway.

I find it pretty odd and interesting that I really had no trouble fasting Sunday – I recall feeling hungry only once all day – but then yesterday found myself rummaging around in the late afternoon for just about anything I could get my hands on. Good thing the things I can get my hands on are pretty healthy! But still, by about 4:30, and after some weird snacks like sugar-free bread-and-butter pickles, then some radishes, then a few walnuts, I decided just to go ahead and make dinner. I don't want to turn into one of those old people who eats dinner at 5 and then falls asleep before the evening news is over! [I might miss all those prescription drug commercials!]

What is it about late afternoon that has me wanting to eat? I usually have yogurt mixed with wheat germ and almonds around 2:30 or 3. So I shouldn't be hungry at 4. Maybe I should add another walk in the late afternoon, just to put my mind and body someplace other than my pantry.

Anyway. I'm planning to have a fun rest-of-the-week, and hope you are, too.

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