Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's!

I should have pasted my face on Renee Zellwegger's Chicago body, if I really wanted to play a trick. What the subject really means is how foolish I feel setting up the tripod and taking my own picture. Anyway. Progress has been made, don't you think?

In at least one big way, progress has really been made. Notice that I'm wearing jeans! Jeans that zip and snap. Big jeans, to be sure, but I couldn't wear them in January, when I started this project. I'm even still wearing them while I'm editing and uploading the photos, sitting – sitting! – on the exercise ball in front of the computer.

[For newcomers to The Shrinking Knitter, my daughter told me about a woman she knew who got amazing results by sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair when she was at her computer. I like the ball much better than the chair.]

And to fulfill a promise, here's a side-by-side comparison from January 1 to April 1:

Looking at the two pictures together, I don't see a whole lot of difference. But I am wearing jeans, so I guess that's something.

I've more than met my sidebar goals for this week, but I'm going to walk again today and tomorrow anyway. I fear I won't even come close to next week's goals. I may feel like working out Monday after my X-ray, but then again I may feel like taking it easy after all the trauma. [Don't you love the drama?] Traveling will take up much of the remainder of the week, but I'm planning to do what I can do.

I hope somebody plays a trick on you today! And I hope you forgive them!


Annie said...

Debbi, you look great! Good job! If nothing else, it shows in your face just how you feel about yourself. Much better than the before picture. I have been thinking about taking a before picture to - maybe today when I'm at my sister's birthday party. Had my first official (recorded) weigh-in today - I lost 8 pounds! I know the first week can be big, and that it won't continue at that rate (too bad, I'd be done in 14 weeks!), but it's a good start. Congrats on wearing the jeans! Annie

Marilyn said...

I don't think you can tell any difference in the pictures at all.(April Fools)
I DO think your face looks slimmer and your thighs. Also, there is a BIG smile on your face and my that helps so much. ;-)

Good work, no for me to catch up and do the same.

Debbi said...

Annie! Eight pounds! That's terrific. Keep it up, girl.

Marilyn, you've been such a big help to me. I probably would have quit by now if it hadn't been for you.

Thank you both for your encouraging words and thoughts, and for your compliments on the photo. I'm sure you both know how hard it is to have your picture taken.