Saturday, April 15, 2006

Quick like a bunny

A friend used to urge her young children to pick up their toys/get their boots on/finish their meals 'quick like a bunny.' This post will also be quick like a bunny, as I'm pressed for time.

Computer was down this morning and I had to wait until 9 a.m. Eastern to call tech support. Thank goodness I bought the Apple Care plan when I bought the G5 last May. I probably could have found the solution online, but I would have had to drive 12 miles to use the computer at the library to get online to search for it. At any rate … I'm back, but busy.

Since I couldn't use the computer first thing, I decided to get the intentional exercise out of the way. I gotta tell you, I loved walking that early! I may make it a habit. I left the house at 7 a.m. The sun was up, but it was foggy-misty and beautiful. If the same conditions are present tomorrow, I'm taking the camera.

I covered the 6.6-mile loop in 100 minutes! I used to run the whole route, back when I was in great shape. This morning I ran between a third and half of it. [Remember, though, that running for short people is the same as walking fast for those of you with longer legs!]

Right now [noonish] I feel pretty good. Ask me in the morning, though.

I leave you, on this Easter Eve, with the funniest Easter greeting I've gotten this year:


Marilyn B. said...

Thanks for sharing the Easter Greeting. I love it and shared it with lots of people. I didn't get out as early as you or exercise as long but I did get a 70 minute Water Aerobic exercise session in before noon.
Felt good!

Mariah said...

I'm smiling!