Sunday, December 16, 2007

We won Round 1

Not even a flicker in the electricity last night, nor a flake of snow. That's supposed to change today, however, and we could end up with two to four inches and downed power lines – due to the wind – by this afternoon.

I should probably bake bread.

A wind advisory is in effect for this afternoon and, truly, wind can cause as much damage as ice. If the buckets o' rain we had overnight were to freeze today, well …

But so far, so good, and it looks my planning and paranoia paid off.

And since Sunday is supposed to be a blog-free day [for me], I'll talk to you again tomorrow. I hope to have a new finished object in my list over there in the sidebar.


M@rla said...

Oh I hate an ice storm. All the trees coming down cause so much damage. We're also supposed to have wind today, so I fully expect to be without power for at least part of the day.

Mary Gee said...

stay safe and warm!

Mich said...

I'm dismayed that it never dawned on me to bake bread in preparation for a storm. It would make the house smell so nice... :-)