Saturday, December 01, 2007

Friday Quote on Saturday

Not unlike an infant who sometimes gets her days and nights mixed up, I seem to have forgotten what day of the week it is pretty much all this week. I was convinced yesterday was Saturday – it just felt like a Saturday, somehow. Maybe because I ran.

Yes, you heard it here first. I ran yesterday! Three miles at an 11:36 pace, which is pretty awesome for me, and especially gratifying considering I hadn't run in 22 days.

Okay, on to the quote:

"Don't let what you cannot do
interfere with what you can do."

~ John Wooden

I didn't know ahead of time that this would be the perfect quote for today. I stumbled upon it this morning and realized that, while the past three weeks have been pretty much a bust as far as exercise goes, I was able to rein in the eating. Best of all?

I'm still sugar-free.

I still have a sweet tooth, though. I exchanged the wrong-size pajamas yesterday and stopped at the grocery on the way home. Because when you live in the Middle of Nowhere and drive for an hour to do one thing, you can't not do something else. It would be a waste of gas, wouldn't it?

I restocked the dried fruit inventory – a couple apricots are a satisfying way to keep the sweet tooth at bay – and I also bought a couple containers of sugar-free, fat-free ice cream frozen dessert. The half-cup I had last night was only so-so, but it'll have to do as a substitute for the real thing.

Because not having real ice cream doesn't prevent me from having the fake kind.

Wendy is running a marathon tomorrow … I know you want to go wish her well.

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Mary Gee said...

Ick. Frozen desert. I would rather skip it.

Congrats on the great run.