Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back in the saddle sling again

I'm not sure what I did to my shoulder/tricep/bicep in the night, but I'm once again slinging my way through my daily routine. As I think about it, I ran the sweeper yesterday morning – it's heavy and I probably lifted it over something using my left arm without even thinking about it – and I also carried a very heavy messenger bag in my left hand last night on my way to the drawing class at the prison. I was immediately reminded to switch arms, but perhaps it was just long enough to reinjure that shoulder. Or whatever is injured.

As I told Mr. Shrinking Knitter, at least I know it will get better.

Yesterday morning he asked me, in the most loving way possible, if I'd been gaining weight. I've actually lost two pounds this week, so the question was particularly hard to take. So hard, in fact, that I didn't even tell him about the loss.

Two pounds! Of course I've probably gained it back by now. Because when someone asks you that question, it doesn't motivate you, okay, me, to eat lettuce and lean chicken. And if I look hard enough, there are plenty of comfort foods around here that don't have sugar in them.

For instance, I found the peanuts. They were on a covered basket [full of yarn] next to an open basket [full of yarn] in the living room. Why they were there I haven't a clue. They are now in the pantry, where they belong, and the bag is decidedly less full than it was when I put them there.

This is total self-sabotage, and I understand that. So today, in addition to being back in a sling, I'll get back on the saddle of eating healthfully and mindfully, and I'll take a walk on the treadmill.

Because when it's 25° outside and you're using Neosporin as both hand cream and lip balm, you probably don't need to be braving the elements.


Lori said...

Oh Debbi, I'm so sorry that you rehurt your arm. I weighed my purse once, and it was quite heavy to my surprise.

Mr. SK! What a dumb question to ask your wife! The correct way is to say, "How's the weight coming along" or something more neutral.

None of us knows anything about self-sabotage, now, do we? It happens and we move on. The important thing right now is to feel better and move in a way that's not going to rip your arm off, blast off your skin and other fun things. And, of course, be nice to yourself.

Men are notoriously slow/dumb about what they see. I worked at a chain and a man and his son came up and asked me to get them a nightgown for the woman of the house. They said she was my size. I reluctantly pulled out a flannel gown in a 2x and they said "oh no, that'll never fit" and they found a 4X and said that's what size she was. I strongly advised to save the sales receipt. And yes, I was horrified on so many levels that they saw me as the same size and thought she was a 4X. Lord only knows what size that poor woman really was. Men. They don't know squat about sizes, etc. Just remember that Debbi.

Grumpy Chair said...

Bummer about your shoulder!

Fang has said a few things to me in the past that sent me running to the pantry. I feel your pain.

We can do this.

Laura N said...

Bummer about your shoulder, girl. Take care of you!

Yeah, those kinds of questions are tough to take for sure. And the self sabotage is unbelievably common. We've all been there. It's not easy to deal with, but you ARE and you are still sugar free. That's a big deal.

Hang in there. Hope you had a good walk on tready.

denise said...

Self sabotage ... what ... oh sorry ... had to stop typing so I could shove some (MORE) M&M's in my mouth! What would I know about self-sabotage. Unfortunately, just about everything you ever wanted to know ... and much, much more. Today is yet another in a long, long string of days I was going to go back off sugar...but alas, it ain't happenin' - so don't be thinking you're anywhere near alone on the self-sabotage response.

Well, if any of us out here in cyberland every had ANY - even the most teensiest weensiest of questions about whether or not Mr. SK is a real man, you have indeed removed every last shred of doubt by revealing his "loving" observation. That is SUCH a man question. But, as Lori points out so well, they are clueless..and most of the time they simply can't help themselves (bless 'em, as they say here in the South).

Hopefully your arm will be on the mend permanently very, very soon. I hate it that it's continuing to bother you. It's especially annoying to have pain when you can't figure out what caused it.

Of course, you could always consider amputating your left arm just so you could hold it with your right hand and use it to beat Mr. SK over the head with ;-) Not that it would probably prevent future similar questions, but it might at least offer temporary relief on several fronts! Just a thought...

Hang in there!

Anne M. said...

Mr. SK needs a few sensitivity lessons - he can show support better by wording things differently and we would all be happy to give him some lessons. Really, just ask and we're there.

An injured arm or shoulder or knee or any other body part takes longer to heal than we think it will and we do things like sling the purse over the shoulder just by habit. Please be careful with yourself, my friend!

jeannie crockett said...

I think the only acceptable comment to anyone is "gee, you look great!"