Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Really, he's a great guy!

Wow. I think maybe I stepped over the good-little-wife line yesterday in repeating Mr. Shrinking Knitter's rather insensitive question. He's normally not so obtuse, and he was, in his own way, trying to be helpful. Honest!

And you all were, too, so I thank you. I will definit
ely, at the right time, suggest a better way for him to phrase future inquiries.

But … maybe I needed to hear it just like it was. A day later – time heals all wounds, doncha know – it feels not quite so bad, and I felt more motivated yesterday to Do the Right Thing, rather than to rummage around looking for comfort in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

Thanks also for your get-well wishes for my shoulder. After my noon date with the treadmill yesterday, my shoulder and I took a shower and then a long nap, something we rarely do. [I can't say I never nap any more, as I used to in my younger days.] I feel kind of guilty sleeping away a good chunk o' day, but in my mind I can hear my mother saying, "You must have needed it."

Sometimes I really miss her and her reassurances.

I haven't knit a stitch in a couple of days, so in order to feed my sticks-and-string habit I spent some apr├ęs-nap time on Ravelry. I've been a member since August, but haven't done much with it except search for one very popular knitty pattern. [You can learn more about Ravelry here, and request an invitation, here.] I contributed the Wee Santa Hat pattern and added some photos to my page and before I knew it it was time to leave for my volunteer gig at the prison. Time flies when you get sucked into the black hole of Ravelry!

Today [if I don't get snowed in – my county is under a severe weather alert] I'm supposed to meet a friend to buy a Hanne Falkenberg Dacapo kit. I've loved this jacket from the first time I saw it, but the kits are kind of pricey. My friend acquired the stock from a yarn shop who no longer wants to carry them, and she offered it to me before she put it on eBay. Lucky me!

And speaking of eBay, I'm sellling a camera lens that will fit a Canon Digital Rebel. If you know of anyone who needs or wants one, please point them in that direction. That mean old Mr. Shrinking Knitter bought me a new lens with the magic of image stabilization for Christmas. I know I won't use the other lens again, but I hate storing a perfectly good lens when someone else could use it.

I've linked to more stuff today than I have in a long time ... I think I'm done now.


Shauna said...

ohhh. my first reaction was, OMG Noooo Mr Knitter! but i can see your point of view! i know if my bloke said that to me he'd have said it coz he thought he was being helpful... somehow... with that unique Male Logic :)

ravelry makes me wish i could knit, just so i could use that site :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...


I see you have the race posted, just stopping by to let you know I put up some virtual shirts on my site. Hope you can post a race report and let me know so I can include you in the results. Good luck!