Saturday, December 15, 2007

The ice storm cometh

I think I'm ready.
  • All clothes are clean
  • All dishes are clean
  • Coffee carafe is full
  • Candles and flashlights are accessible
  • Lots of water in jugs, pitchers and buckets
  • Snow shovel and ice melt on the porch
  • Knitting project is handy
My fervent hope is that by doing all this preliminary prep work I will fool Mother Nature into just raining on us. We're on the cusp of the rain/sleet line, but we are west of the Blue Ridge and that's where the storm is headed.

Yesterday was lovely. We walked around saying, "How could bad weather possibly be headed this way?" But the clouds are low and dark this morning, and I should have taken advantage of the sun and mild temperatures to run yesterday.

I didn't, though. Couldn't get over the lack of sleep Friday night and a very upset stomach. In fact, when I should have been running I was napping.

I should probably go fix or buy some food that won't taste bad at room temperature. Do you find it as interesting as I that in my list of preparations I didn't mention food at all? Hmmm.


Mary Gee said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I just talked with my brother in North Carolina and he was saying the same stuff about the weather.

It is almost up to 10 degrees here!

Grumpy Chair said...

Hope the weather isn't too nasty and you aren't iced in.

Peanut butter sandwiches are about the only thing I think of that doesn't taste bad at room temp.

Anne M. said...

Your list of preparations sounds sensible and focuses on the important stuff. Food? Yeah, well, you have some around, I'm sure, and having clean dishes and clothes, plenty of water, candles, etc., is more important. I'd say you have your priorities right :)

We're getting part of the storm, too, or maybe another one. In any case, I'll be hunkered down inside tomorrow while it sleets outside. Part of my prep was getting a pedicure :)

Stay warm and safe.

Lori said...

Oh how funny to read this. I just got off the phone with my mother who told me of her laundry list of things she did (a lot of them you mentioned including the water) as their power goes off. They live northeast of where you Live In the Middle of No Where.

But at the end, she said, "and I got some cakes to have when the power goes out." I started to laugh and she asked why. I said, "I don't know. Is eating cake the first thing you do when the power goes out?" She said, "why not, what else are you going to do?"
I hope you and Mr. SK will have better things to do if the power goes out.

Stay warm and take care!

denise said...

I can think of LOTS of things that taste good at room temperatures - pretzels, chips, nuts, candy bars, most anything that's bad for you but that you could convince yourself you have to eat because - hey, the power's out - what else can you do?!?

BUT, I know you are a much stronger person than me - and probably smart enough not to have the junk in the house, so it will be fine. Many fruits and veggies are good room temp. I could easily (and have more than once) eat canned corn or beets right out of the can. (See, I even like my veggies starchy!)

Of course, in the end, you will only see this once the electricity is back on, so there's really no use nattering on, is there.

Hope you escaped the worst of it. We've only received rain here in Hotlanta, but that will be enough to snarl traffic, which I now need to go fight my way through. Not that I'm really complaining, since we need the rain so badly...