Thursday, December 27, 2007

Friday Quote on Thursday

"Our chief want in life
is somebody who will make us
do what we

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now that's something to think about, isn't it?

If you've ever envied athletes or entertainers [Oprah, anyone?] or Biggest Loser contestants who have cooks and coaches and trainers, oh my, then today's quote will certainly resonate with you.

Read it carefully. Ralph is saying we can do it without a kick in the patootie from someone else. Just because Ralph says it, however, doesn't make it so.

Wanting someone to make us do what we're already capable of doing on our own isn't a sign of weakness, in my opinion. Sitting on those patooties wishing for it, or using the lack of an outside influence as an excuse to stay put instead of moving forward is, though, and I don't think that's where any of us wants to be.

Well, I'll speak for myself. I'm not interested in wishing the rest of my life away – wishing I were thinner, faster, healthier, fitter, taller, funnier, smarter or richer. Wishing isn't doing. The only one of those wishes I truly can't do anything about is getting taller. The rest, though, I could accomplish with some time and effort.

We can all help each other, actively or passively, by sticking with a program, being each others' cheerleaders and setting a good example. You have your own personal heroes out there in blogland, as do I, but simply reading about their successes won't accomplish mine. Or yours.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I have never been New Year's Eve party animals. For me, the day after Christmas is the day I make a fresh start. I walked for an hour yesterday morning, ate reasonably and only when I was hungry, and slept well. We spent the day together shopping and seeing another movie [Charlie Wilson's War], and enjoyed each other's company.

This afternoon we're going to a luncheon celebrating a friend's 80th birthday and then I'm packing for a short trip to North Carolina. I've checked the weather – lots o' rain predicted, but that won't stop me from walking or running while I'm there. In fact, I expect just about every Tarheel in the state will be celebrating the rain and hoping for more!

I'll be back Monday. Have a great weekend. I leave you with another thought-provoking quote from Ralph:

"Make the most of yourself,
for that is all there is of you."


Barbra said...

You are right.. if it's going to be.... it's up to me! No one else can exercise for me... read those books for me... etc. I really like the last quote.
Have a wonderful trip!

Debra said...

I have been lucky enough to work with trainer this past year. (and soon again). He taught me that I CAN DO ANYTHING, believed in me when nobody else does (which is the saddest statement about my marriage..). He even supported me in working out without him to prove how strong I am. Guess what? Most of private workouts are at least as demanding that if he was there.

He taught me well, and gave me a gift that I needed to succeed.

Now I know that I can do whatever. My trainer is one of my better friends.. and he will always keep me from falling too far down.

Mary Gee said...

Having other like-minded people around really helps.... that is why I like blogging.

Laura N said...

Great post. Hope you have a nice trip to NC.

Jim Purdy said...

"You have your own personal heroes out there in blogland, as do I, but simply reading about their successes won't accomplish mine. Or yours."

Aw, shucks. Do ya really mean that I ain't gonna be able to keep a diary of my blog visits and pat myself on the back, as if it were a weight loss diary?