Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why, yes, I do still knit, as a matter of fact

How about a little knitting update, since there's been no weight-loss progress lately, hmmmm? After all, I named this blog the Shrinking Knitter so I could talk about yarny things as well as fitness things.

Last time we checked in with Mrs. Shrinking Knitter, here's what she had on her needles:
  • Three pairs of socks
  • Sailing Pullover
  • Noni Felted Carbetbag
  • Ski cap
Guess what? They're all still on the needles!

I've also neglected to sew the buttons on the baby romper I finished knitting weeks ago.

I haven't touched the socks in a long time. Once it started warming up, I realized I probably wouldn't be wearing wool socks much any more until next fall. Socks are great to knit in hot weather, because they're small and don't pile up in your lap like blankets or sweaters do. But there are More Pressing Knitting Priorities here than wool socks. I probably won't work on them again until August, when I'm dreaming of fall.

Why can't we ever be satisfied with what we have? That is the one, true Secret, I think.

The back panel of the Sailing Pullover is finished and the front panel is almost to the point where I have to shape the neckline. So that's coming along, and since it's straight garter stitch I can work on it at odd moments when I don't have to pay a lot of attention to what I'm doing.

Same with the carbetbag, although it is now huge and big and hot and unwieldy and did I mention huge? And I still have 20 or 30 rounds to go before it's ready to felt. This is one big bag, I'll tell you. You could probably store a carpet in it.

The ski cap is what I've been working on most, since it needs to be mailed soon. Only about 20 more rounds to go on it, and it's looking very good.

So there you have it: knitting progress in an otherwise stay-the-same world. Heh.

Did a light weight-training session yesterday and walked outside for about 30 minutes – one of the least active cross-training days I've had since I started training for the race. But I also started working on the perennial beds and came to the startling realization that I don't have to do all of it at once! Imagine that. Our very long driveway is lined on both sides with perennials and the first task of the spring is to rake off all the dead leaves. So I'm going to do three or four feet on each side every day. Eventually it'll be done. Just looking at those endless long messy flower beds makes me want to go back in the house. And knit.

Today's training schedule is a tempo run – one mile warm-up, five miles at a pretty fast [12:30] pace and a one-mile cool down. I don't have a flat seven-mile loop, so I'll probably go to the nine-mile road and walk farther before and after the five-mile section. I'm not exactly looking forward to this today. I had a low-grade fever last night and woke up with a runny nose this morning. But I'm telling myself that I might have a cold on race day, and would that stop me from showing up at the starting line? No way!

Forty-five days until race day.

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