Thursday, March 15, 2007

The rhinovirus smackdown

Remember yesterday, when I said:
"I'm telling myself that I might have a cold on race day, and would that stop me from showing up at the starting line? No way!"
That will teach me to boast.

I got ready to drive down to my running road and the skies parted. It wasn't just a little sprinkle – it was pouring rain. Remember that I wasn't eager to do this run anyway. I went back in the house, changed to shorts and a t-shirt and thought I would just suck it up and do the tempo run on the treadmill. While listening to the rain. Grrrrr.

I walked the first mile, no problem, cranked the speed up to 4.8mph [which is a 12:30 pace, as prescribed] and barely made it through another mile. I had to stop once to blow my nose and twice to drink water and I pushed myself to keep going until I'd been on there for 30 minutes and then I gave up.

Today I'm supposed to do one of those "easy" four-mile runs. I'm not promising anything.

After I got off the treadmill in utter defeat, I showered, changed into comfy yoga pants, wool socks and a sweatshirt and finished knitting the ski cap. It was 72° here yesterday afternoon, and I was freeeeeeezing! I thought about trying to just walk outside, but I really was so, so tired, and so chained to a box of Kleenex, that I just settled into the couch. By 7 p.m. I'd moved to my bed and I didn't wake up until 8 this morning.

I do feel better this morning, proving that I needed the rest. Or that I'm lazy – you make the call. But I don't know if I feel better enough to run. That's probably pushing it.

Don't you just hate whiny posts?

I wasn't too sick to take pictures of the cap. I know it would look better modeled by my son-in-law than by wadded-up plastic grocery bags. But he's in another state. I hope he likes it as well as he did the first one. I know I do!

Forty-four days until race day.


Jack Sprat said...


Congrats... only the truly HARD CORE push themselves to keep physically active when they're feeling sick! Lots of us might just throw in the towel and grab a box of donuts. You, by contrast, not only had a Plan A, but also had a Plan B. My guess is you're secretly becoming an athlete. Yep. You!

I sure hope you feel better soon!


M@rla said...

I LOVE whiney posts! I hope you get through this awful thing faster than I did, it seems to have knocked down half the country.