Monday, March 05, 2007

Trying to avert disaster

A second post today, of the emergency variety. In order to avert further disaster, I thought it would be prudent [can you hear Dana Carvey as GWB the First, saying "Wouldn't be prudent."?] to write down that as of 1:45 p.m. I've already eaten 1146 calories of almost nothing but junk food. Things I never or rarely eat. Things like:
  • potato chips
  • pretzels
  • peanuts
  • candy [sugar-free, but still]
Who am I kidding?

I finished my five-mile run at noon and had to go fill up the car. [Gas prices are on the rise again … there must be lots of More Important News because I haven't seen any stories on Nightly with Brian Williams about it.] And there's a little mom-and-pop type store near the gas station and I just decided to pop in. I've been looking for a black display-type shelf that looks like a ladder; my hairdresser got one there quite a while ago, so I keep checking back.

I didn't need all that crap food. I have chicken noodle soup, vegetarian vegetable soup, cottage cheese, pb&j, stuff to make omelets – in other words, a stocked larder full of healthy lunch options. I'd have done well just to drive to the gas station, fill 'er up and drive home. Instead of stopping to fill me up on the way.

I usually follow a no-eating-in-the-car rule. Broke that one, too.

Is there a good thing here? Well, I did run five miles before I caved in. And the leftovers – yes, believe it or not there are leftovers – are already in the trash, covered with coffee grounds, and the trash goes to the curb tomorrow.

And, hopefully, it's over.


Anne M. said...

This happens to all of us. The trick is to recognize and stop it. I'm proud of you for seeing what you were doing, stopping it, and tossing the leftovers under icky garbage that would not make you want to pick through to continue the stash.

Did you have a little snack thing on hand for post-run? I always try to keep something available after I've worked out because I feel like eating the gym equipment.

jen said...

Congrats on the five-mile run. I find that running makes me hungry for carbs and salty food, especially long runs. Congrats on 'fessing up and getting rid of the stuff (and having leftovers!)

Lori said...

We all have days like this. You stopped, threw out what was leftover and wrote about it.

I don't think one day's visit to the little grocery store is going to be that bad on the scale. You are exercising consistently and hard. Sometimes, to paraphrase Woody Allen, the stomach wants what it wants. ;-)

I hope today is better.

Jack Sprat said...


I'm with Anne, Jen and Lori ... we all want to be perfect and yet we all have days like this. As bad as you may feel, you have the right to be proud that you wrote it all down, rather than stuffed it down with emotions.

Hang in there!!!!


Debra said...

Congrats on the run! Sounds your body needed salt RIGHT NOW!!

Not a big thing if it happens once (or once in a long while).

(why does every commntor show their shoes???)

Grumpy Chair said...

I agree with everyone else, but also think maybe your body needed the salt like Debra said.

Knitress said...

What everybody else said. This is a journey, yknow. You don't have to be perfect, just persistent.