Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Great weather for speed drills


There is no great weather for speed drills, as far as I'm concerned. I don't like doing them and, since I'm not particularly interested in breaking any records [this being my first long-distance race and all], I'm thinking of just running the prescribed number of miles and not even thinking about alternating jogs and sprints for six miles. Plus the warm-up and cool-down miles. Can't forget those.

It's as exhausting for me to remember where my mile markers are as it is to speed up every so often. Maybe I'll just run fast for three songs and slow down for one.

At any rate, today's total mileage is supposed to be eight – eight!?!?! – and today's high temperature will only be in the low 50s. Not a bad combination.

I really look forward to the long runs on Saturday. I feel strong and athletic and capable when I start and only once have I not felt equally strong, athletic and capable when I finished. I just have this mental block about the Wednesday drills.

Following this week's schedule, I added an extra short run yesterday. Tuesdays have been, until now, rest or cross-training days. I was supposed to do three miles at 13:45 Monday and yesterday; I did four miles at approximately 13:00.

I got a rousing ovation at the Alderson AA meeting last night when I told the inmates that hearings on sentencing reform were held by the US Sentencing Commission yesterday. I also injected my personal opinion that if they had been sentenced to a camp [lowest security level in the federal system], they might as well have been put on house arrest.

I think I have a whole bunch of new best friends. Heh.

Our older dog, Molly, doesn't board well. She's always eager to go, unlike our little Hershey, but more often than not she gets very stressed, which means she gets up in the middle of the night, panting and puking and wanting to be let outside.

Which means I get up in the middle of the night to take care of her and then can't get back to sleep. But you know what? Today I have to run eight miles, so I'll probably be able to get a pretty good nap in this afternoon. Now that's what I call making lemonade from lemons.

Thirty-eight days until race day.


Lori said...

It has been really nice weather on this side of the mountains; I got to sit outside while waiting for a ride. So I hope you have a great run today.

I like the idea of running fast for three songs and slow down for one. Just don't let any of those songs be "Stairway to Heaven" or "American Pie" -- you might collapse. ;-)

I bet it's such a great feeling to feel strong, athletic and capable on Saturdays but in my humble opinion, I think you're always like this. You might have some days that are less than optimal but...mostly you are always working it. I've been enjoying reading about your training and cheering you on.

Jack Sprat said...

Lori, I've listened to some of the music Debbi likes and I don't think there's any chance of it being slow or depressing! More like fast-paced and relentless!!