Monday, March 19, 2007

Let's hope it lasts

I feel really, really good this morning. The weekend was not at all stressful, as social situations frequently are for me, and I'm well-rested and ready to tackle the race training with a renewed mind and spirit. Thank you for your comments yesterday.

[A quick note for Adam: bourbon = beer, or, in other words, your body metabolizes alcohol the same, regardless of the source. I think. Heh.]

As I mentioned, it seems like several other weight-loss bloggers had the same psychic shift I had Friday night. I wish, wish, wish I could remember who you were! Recognizing that it's not the last time you'll ever have the opportunity to eat something is a Pretty Big Thing. Feeling satisfied and stopping is new behavior, worth reporting.

We're such all-or-nothing thinkers, usually, that it will take a while to adopt this "eating normally" approach without being taken aback when we do it right. Heh.

Will eating the foods on the YOAD plan "normally" work? Will that feeling of deprivation eventually set in? Part of why I felt full after dinner, I think, was because the food was well-prepared and beautifully
presented. Somehow ladling lentil soup into a crockery bowl doesn't have the same caché as being served a gourmet dinner on china. And the caché really does add to the satisfaction quotient of the meal.

The plan for the day is to clean the floors and the master bath this morning, while it's still cold. The dogs will be ready to pick up at the kennel around noon. [I love our kennel: Each dog gets a bath and a pedicure in the morning on the day I pick them up. I just wish our little dog loved the kennel as much as I do. She trembles and shakes each time we have to take them.]

By noon, the temperature is supposed to be Perfect for Running, so I'll drop the dogs off and head down to the flat two-mile stretch of road and do four miles. I'm not going to try to break any records; I just hope to enjoy the run and feel some confidence that four days off didn't do any damage.

This evening is the last night of this session of the drawing class at the prison, but there is a Bo Lozoff workshop scheduled at the same time that a couple of my students want to attend. It sounded interesting to me, as well, so I asked for permission to sit in, and I'll give all the students credit for class. I'll let you know about the workshop.

In other words, I'm planning a wonderful, productive, healthy day. I wish the same for you.

Forty days until race day.

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Jack Sprat said...


Seems to me like you deserve a day like this!! Wishing you smooth sailing, peaceful eating, and a nice run!