Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chicken soup for a runner

All my weird mixing up of which run to do on which day worked out perfectly this weekend. It was mighty cold and windy yesterday, and I wouldn't have enjoyed a long run in those conditions. I did my very hilly four-mile loop in 53 minutes; I was supposed to do 3 miles at a 13:53 pace. More miles, faster time, and I was fine, knowing it would be over soon.

Last night it got very cold and snowed a teensy bit. Not even enough to cover the ground, but it does look like powdered sugar [mmmmmmm] out there this morning.

My left knee, which has been problematic in the past, is kind of ouchy this morning. Good day for a rest, don't you think?

Here's the soup we had for dinner yesterday. Recipes, for me, are like knitting patterns: They can always be tweaked. I
added a splash of sesame oil with the soy sauce, and threw half a bag of whole wheat noodles into the crockpot about halfway through the cooking time, omitting the noodles called for. It was quite a hearty chicken soup. Good for runners and souls. Clicking on the recipe will bring up a larger version to print out. I hope. Enjoy!


Anne M. said...

Oh yummy! This soup looks both easy and tasty - my favorite combination. Thanks for sharing. Did you do it in MasterCook?

I'm glad you did your run on a day when weather permitted so you can take it easier today, especially with an ouchy knee. Perhaps it's a human barometer like mine and acts up with weather changes, especially after lots of exercies.

denise said...

Ice, ice baby!! I know it's not very appealing in this weather, but icing* does wonders for knee pain!

(*By icing I mean the cold kind you apply to the knee, not the yummy, gooey kind you ingest and which subsequently gets applied to your hips!)

Congratulations on your running - especially knowing you've had knee issues before. I dream of running, but have the perfect excuse not to now that my knee (and sometimes both) have gone bad on me. Funny, I never really dreamed of it all that much before I had a really good excuse NOT to do it... ;-)

And, of course, I'm having a hard time motivating myself to walk so that if/when the knee issues do clear up running might be a possibility. I'm realizing more and more that I'm just one (huge) bundle of contradictions these days.

I'm also realizing I might need to make one of my goals to become more adventuresome in my food choices. When you don't care for mushrooms (it's a texture thing) or green pepper thing (really a case of they don't like me), there are a lot of recipes that are ruled out from the get go. Then I see things like swiss chard, Chinese noodles/rick sticks (?), and fresh ginger...none of which I've ever cooked with and some of which I don't even know what they are and I realize I really need to branch out some.

You may live in the middle of nowhere, but I EAT like I'm in the middle of nowhere instead of in the middle of a city full of lots of interesting and different choices!

Guess I'll think about that while I clean my romaine lettuce and chop some celery.