Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three days until cake …

but who's counting?

PastaQueen asked yesterday:
When you knit, how much do you have to look at your hands? When I crochet and watch TV I like to watch shows that are ok but not so great that I feel the need to watch every second because I need to look at what I'm doing and check the pattern a lot. Law & Order was great for this when I had cable because it's always on some channel somewhere.
I've been knitting since I was nine, and have learned to knit without looking at my hands for all but the most complex cable or lace pattern. The baby sweater I'm making is all seed stitch, all the time, so I have to pay a little bit of attention to the first stitch of each row, or I can [and have!] messed up the stitch. I can't, however, crochet unless my eyes are glued to my hands.

I used to be a Law & Order addict; now I'm a House addict. Bonus points if you know the original wording and film from which that sentence was lifted.

Last night's episode of Nip/Tuck could have been called Nip/Tuck/Cliché. I won't be a spoiler by spilling any details, but let's just say the writers had read a headline or two about the obesity epidemic. And Sean, who I thought was a decent-enough guy, turns out to be oh-so-low.

Greta, the reason I have to clean my house is because some of our out-of-town guests will be staying with us. Believe me, I'm not so compulsive that I'd stick to a cleaning schedule this week if I didn't have to! Thanks for offering to help … one couple will be here Thursday evening, and I won't be shy about putting them to work.

I finished all the knitting on the baby sweater. All that remains is sewing the side and sleeve seams, tidying up the loose ends and sewing on buttons. Now I have to find a suitable little-girl pattern to start.

Diet-Blog has discovered a new camera from HP that features a "slimming" effect. I guess they think it will make up for that 10 pounds the camera typically adds, eh?

Please forgive the disjointedness of today's post … at least it matches the rest of my week!


Lori said...

So did you like the one last night with Joel Grey (and it took me forever to figure out that was Joel Grey)?

Wikipedia directed me to a website that has all of the music from House.

I hope your day gets better; it's hard to have company, get the house straightened up as my mom would call it and everything else you have to do this week.

Marilyn B. said...

Have a great party and enjoy the cake. If our Indiana friend happens to be there give her a big hug for me. By the way, I stayed the same this week also.

Greta said...

Houseguests TOO! Oh my! Well, hang in there!

PastaQueen said...

Thanks for answering my question! I probably could learn to crochet without looking if I did it enough. I only learned to touch-type when I worked a job where I was typing all day.

mehitabel said...

Looking forward to some quality knit time tonight too, hoping to follow that up with a walk around my daughter's neighborhood--which is mostly vertical! Got to get those pounds off! Doctor's scale showed me up 2 lbs from last week--can't be having that!