Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I hope that not writing about the 9/11 attacks doesn't make you think I'm uncaring or, worse, unaware of the anniversary. This blog is about two things only, and I've tried very hard to stay away from other issues. Sometimes I stray, but mostly I want to stick to shrinking and knitting. [Stick to my knitting ... heh.]

I was catching up on my regular blogs yesterday and read this from Anne:
"The scale isn’t going to judge, it will just reflect reality. And I need to face it with a willingness to change. It will take however long it takes …"
I love that! If I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, doing the next right thing, taking it a day at a time and maintain an open mind and attitude, I'll reach my goal. Simple as that. Along the way, I'm becoming a stronger person – in body and in mind/attitude/heart.

Congratulations to Jonathan! He managed to maintain his weight [he's been at goal for quite a while now] during a two-week vacation in a foreign country. I could beat myself up for not managing to lose a pound over a weekend in the next state, but I won't. Hey, I maintained, too! Woo hoo for me!

I hope Marla is enjoying the beach, especially knowing what she's facing when she returns home. Water problems are no fun. I usually have plenty of half-liter bottles of water in stock, but need to get some gallon jugs to keep on hand, as well. You'd think after all the water trouble we've had here in the Middle of Nowhere that I wouldn't have to think twice about that, but I appreciate the reminder, Marla.

I wish I could comment on everyone's blogs, but I'm kind of pressed for time this morning. My faves are over there in the sidebar, and I hope that some of them are becoming yours as well. If you want to read an eloquent piece about that awful day in U.S. history, I recommend Laura's, and I thank her for writing it.

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