Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nightmare in the Middle of Nowhere

Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I are having an afternoon reception at his mother's large, elegant home on Saturday to celebrate our recent nuptials, but since he works and I lounge around the house eating bon-bons all day don't, most of the planning for said party has been left up to me. I woke up around 2:30 this morning, panicked at the thought that today was Friday and I hadn't done anything and how was I going to manage?

Thank God it's Tuesday.

My schedule this week looks like this [starting with Sunday, so I can cross some things off]:
  • Sunday: Mow, trim weeds, sweep garage
  • Monday: Vacuum, dust, mop, clean sliding glass doors, change linens, take out trash
  • Tuesday: Haircut, manicure, last-minute shopping
  • Wednesday: Decorate mother-in-law's house, finish making party favors
  • Thursday: Begin food prep, damp-mop floors, transport plates/cups/utensils
  • Friday: Continue food prep, pick up flowers and fruit
  • Saturday: Transport food, enjoy party, go out for dinner
  • Sunday: Collapse in a heap of gratitude that everything went well
At least that's how I hope it all works out!

You'll note that not everything got done yesterday. I recently started following the Flylady plan again. Sort of. She does her 'house blessing' every Monday in 70 minutes, 10 minutes for each task. [I left out 'purge magazines,' because I do that regularly anyway.] It takes me an hour just to dust mop and damp-mop my floors, and I live in a three-bedroom, two-bath, ranch-style home. She must live in a dollhouse! And she certainly doesn't have dogs.

Does she?

Anyway, it's raining this morning here, meaning the workout will be inside. [Oh, yes, I'm also working out every morning this week.] Today will be weight-training, the rowing machine and the treadmill, for a total of 80 minutes. At least that's what I'm shooting for. I've also tried to keep the evenings relatively free of tasks, because I need to relax, wind down and recharge to get ready for the next day. Oh, and I need to knit, too, which I will do tonight while watching House and Nip/Tuck, and tomorrow while watching the season premiere of The Biggest Loser. [The baby-boy sweater is almost finished – just one and a half sleeves and the sewing up to go.]

I'd never watched TBL until last January, when I started this year-long weight-loss program. I thought it might provide some extra motivation, and I have to say it delivered. I hope this season will do so, as well. It comes at the perfect Debbi-needs-motivation time. Anxiety-producing last-minute stuff is a given when you throw a party, unless you're Martha Stewart and have a staff to take care of the details. I've been known to make poor food choices when I'm teetering on the edge of emotional.



Donna said...

Thanks for the reminder about TBL - I stumbled on it awhile ago and found it powerfully interesting, plus I have a tiny TV crush on Bob.

I think it's a great example of what happens if you devote yourself to weight loss - if you make it a priority, the weight will come off. For me though, when I was losing I always felt that my brain was tuned to the weight loss channel; I watched a Margaret Cho comedy special where she mentioned that staying ten pounds thinner so she could work on her TV series was a full-time job. *That* mirrored how I felt exactly.

Today, the biggest struggle for me is not losing the weight, because I know I can do it, but managing the process so I don't spend unreasonable amounts of time "tuned to the weight loss channel" rather than enjoying what I eat and being healthy.

Have a great time at your reception - my advice is to get as much rest as you can between now and the party, and, ironically, have a little snack before you go so you're not super-famished while you're standing around talking to friends.

PastaQueen said...

When you knit, how much do you have to look at your hands? When I crochet and watch TV I like to watch shows that are ok but not so great that I feel the need to watch every second because I need to look at what I'm doing and check the pattern a lot. Law & Order was great for this when I had cable because it's always on some channel somewhere.

Greta said...

PastaQueen, I work on photos (editing, retouching, doing albums designs) while watching TV so I understand the "not looking" thing. The Biggest Loser is great for half-watching and thanks for the reminder. I am just stumbling upon programs in a disorganized fashion. Desperate Houswives restarts Sunday evening if you are a fan.

You party preparation and cleaning schedule makes me swoon. No WONDER you are having nightmares. What could you leave out of the schedule this week? Do you HAVE to vacuum, clean the sliding glass doors, and damp-mop floors this week? The party is not at your house, so unless you are cleaning MIL's house, then I say forget ALL the housecleaning at YOUR house until AFTER the party. You have enough to do for goodness sake. I understand the impact of dogs on a house, but also know that a house still stays standing if you skip a cleaning chore one week.

Now you can understand why people hire caterers and why caterers charge so much! That is WORK! I hope you have plenty of help scheduled to lay out food and serve food and heat food on the day of the party so you are not in the kitchen the whole time. If I lived in the Middle of Nowhere, I'd come help you. This is a time when you need help from friends!